Local News Article on Adrian Crowe Athletic Training!

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to share some awesome news for those that haven’t heard already:

In the current issue of the First In Line Entertainment & Sports (F.I.L.E.S) newspaper is an article on yours truly!

This article was a long time in the making and I want to send a huge shout out to Will Turner who penned the article, Robert Yun who publishes this fantastic and ever improving newspaper,  Masi Bardi who took the fantastic photos and last but not least: Andy Suitela who supported the idea and really made it happen.

The timing could not have been better with September being such a busy month for the fitness industry, the arrival of my business online at the new website: www.adriancrowe.com and the busy blog: www.adriancrowe.wordpress.com and my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/acathletictraining as well as another article of mine recently added to this great ebook (which you can obtain for free). It’s been a busy last few months and this F.I.L.E.S. article was really icing on the cake.

You can obtain your own copy of the article at the various locations it’s distributed “F.I.L.E.S. is available at more than 500 convenient locations including BLOCKBUSTER VIDEOS, FITNESS WORLDS, MOVIE THEATERS, MAJOR SHOPPING DISTRICT CENTRE MALLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, COMMUNITY CENTRES, LIBRARIES, CAR DEALERSHIPS, and hundreds of of other locations from Horseshoe Bay to Chilliwack” (as per website); One of those locations, of course, being Suitela Fight Club.

Can’t find a physical copy?  Go here to check the article out online (though it looks better in print as all things do)!

If you enjoyed the article and want to see more of me and the Suitela team make sure you let Robert Yun know!! You can reach him at ryune@filesnews.com

Shoot me some feedback! And keep checking your emails (and the blog) frequently, got TONS more going on and coming up in the next couple of months! Everything from new athlete training sponsorships, to t-shirts, to a new custom Strength Wraps product, to Ladies Only: Shape & Conditioning class specials and more!


Special Extended: Buy 10 Sessions, Get 4 Free!!! Offer Expires Oct 8th!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve all fallen into a sweet little groove that this time of year allows for. I know it can be challenge as things will still keep coming up. And hey, we’ve got Thanksgiving coming soon, Halloween and they’re even selling Christmas decorations at Costco already! Time flys for sure!!



And speaking of that, a handful of you already took advantage of the special I ran a couple weeks back:

BUY 10 SESSIONS, GET 4 FREE!! All unused sessions expire NOV. 31ST, 2011. OFFER EXPIRES SATURDAY, SEPT. 24TH!


I really didn’t have enough time to follow up with everyone about this and with more big news I’ll be sharing in an email late tomorrow (for those that don’t already know), I am going to extend this special until Oct 8th! Any unused sessions will still expire Nov 31st (but you’ve should already used them up by then).
And I’m even going to sweeten the pot with a HUGE thanks to my good friends over at Q Energy who kindly sent me this message:
Over here at Q Energy Drink we were pretty stoked to see Adrian get online AND to offer such an awesome special to do some training with him. We’re firm believers in being healthy, energetic and happy and we would like to encourage people to take advantage of Adrian’s offer.

To that end, we will give a free ten pack of Q – The Healthy Energy Drink to each of the first ten people who sign up for Adrian’s special. 

Let’s face it, if you’re going to train with Adrian not only will you need some extra energy to keep up, but you will be happy to have some recovery help between sessions.

Our main ingredient, Quercetin, not only provides a healthy energy boost but is an awesome anti-inflammatory as well. So get moving with Adrian. We’ll be there to help.

The Q Energy Drink Team

There are still a few spots left in the first 10 to take the special. Those who have thus far will, of course, get their free 10 pack. Just let me know which flavor you prefer: lemon-lime or wildberry (I have one of each a day; I like them both!).

Check out my review of this fantastic product over on my blog here and on my new website if you’ve not seen it so far!

If you just can’t seem to commit to yourself, get in the gym regularly and get it done: this is the best time of the entire year to make that happen! 14 one-on-one personal training sessions with myself and for the first 10 to take advantage of the special: a free 10 Pack of Q – The Healthy Energy Drink is going to be the absolute best way of ensuring you’re pushing your hardest and having the most fun achieving those goals!

Offer expires Oct 8th, get on it!

Yet Another Reason You’re Not Making Progress

One of the single most effective weight training programs I ever used was AST Sport Science’s Max-OT.

OT stands for OVERLOAD TRAINING. Overload being the key to muscle growth. I used this program for about 1.5 years, the longest I’ve ever stuck with any training program. Consistency was a key for sure but the simplistic nature of this program and it’s requirement to always be lifting heavier led to some weight lifting numbers I have to this day never broke, even 5 years later. I swear I will go back to this style of training one day, when I have far less time available than I currently do to workout as I really prefer long workouts and quite frankly Max-OT’s limitation of exercise selection leaves one bored within a few months. But there was that thing about making great gains to consider!

Back to the reason for this RANT. Overload is probably the single greatest factor in changing one’s body period!

What do I mean by overload, well, let’s use a more commonplace synonym: PR which stands for personal record.

What’s the heaviest bench press, squat, deadlift or any lift you’ve ever done? What’s the greatest number of push ups or pull ups or windshield wiper ab jackknife backflip clap core crunchers you have ever done? And the most important question: how long ago did that happen?

I guarantee you this: aim to reach PR’s often, across many lifts without getting injured; in fact, better that by reaching PR’s often and getting better at the movement, not just stronger…not only will you have some useless number to brag and compete with your friends about but you will surely be progressing faster than you ever have towards your long-term aesthetic goals.

There is a direct correlation between the frequency of PR’s and the speed of aesthetic progress. Want more muscle with less fat? Want people to be asking all the time, “Whoa! What have you been doing lately?” Set more PR’s!

So, what AND WHEN was the last PR you set? And what’s the next one you’re targeting?



16hrs and Counting….

Here’s what my Tuesday this week looked like:

Wake: 5am, eat breakfast

Train clients and my workout: 6am-1:30pm

Chiropractic/ART appointment and each lunch: 2:30pm

Train clients 3:45-9pm

Go home, eat, send work emails, surf the web to shut mind off, go to sleep around 10:30pm (which is early for me)

So in total I trained 8 people, had my workout, ate a bunch, went to my chiro, did other work stuff (writing programs, sending emails, cleaning the gym space after each client) all in about 18hours. 4/7 days of my week look like this. On the other days I have less clients, some days I have more business end work I have to do, and a lot of my free time I adore spending with my gorgeous girlfriend. I’ve always hated the word “busy” as it seems to imply “unavailable” which I strive to never be; I want to help people reach their goals. I do my best to find a way to make it happen. But I am busy.

Looking at my “To Do” list today I realized it’s always a long, ever changing list and I get excited by that. It’s surely better than being bored and having nothing to do. It can stress me maybe sometimes but I so very much treat my day like a battery. When the energy is drained and gone, that’s it. It’s all I’ve got to give, I need my recharge and down time. There is no going beyond that point. Then tomorrow with a hopefully recharged battery, I’m back at it.

So ENERGY IS THE COMMODITY THAT RUNS MY LIFE. The more energy I have, the better I am. The more wisely I can use it, the more I get done. The more I’ve left when my work day has ended the more rich my home life is. Energy is more valuable to me than money, for without energy, I won’t be able to excel at my job and therefore: no money. Anyone who runs their own business quite frankly knows, what you put in, you get out. If you’re not getting enough out it’s usually a clue there’s not enough going in. Energy is everything!

Here’s where my “Nuclear Juice” and “Pink Magic Juice” comes in (see pic above). I wish sometimes I liked the taste of coffee, that stuff seems to work for most people but I find it nasty, even the smell of it. And the idea of spending $3 for a one cup of a 21 consinant named drink sounds mental to me. Tea is awesome but try drinking more than 2-3 cups of green tea and you’ll soon have a belly ache. I love caffiene. It’s gives me a ton of energy. BUT it has a very nasty side effect: too much and you tax the hell out of your adrenal glands. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve fallen into adrenal fatigue. And trust me, that’s not a good thing when you have borderline bipolar disorder. I eat food, I eat a lot. I workout. I could probably sleep more but to be honest getting the recommended 8 hours leaves me groggy all day. 6.5 seems to be the daily magic number and a 10-12hr sleep once a week is where’s it’s at for me. So the eternal question: how do I get more energy, without tanking my adrenals, screwing with my moods and let’s hope to hell this solution is natural and healthy for me?!?

After a lot of years, I found the answer, at least for me. And that’s all I can speak of is my experience with Q Energy drink.

I first tried this stuff at the Spartan Race quite a few months ago. Slammed a half dozen sample cups of it post race. It definately brought me back to my normal again. My gal and I kept saying we should try to find that stuff! And we did finally at a favorite store of mine. But time is precious to me, I don’t want to have to go pick a bunch up all the time. So I made the call, I decided it made more sense for me to become a merchant of this wonderful stuff. And hey, when anyone asks what’s in the pink or yellow jug I’m always drinking out of I’ll give them a sample to try it out. If it works for them, cool, they see me frequently enough it’s an easy buy. And I carry it at the same price Q’s website and all the other stores do (once factoring in tax, and cheaper if you factor in shipping from the Q site).

The Review:

I’ll keep this as short as possible. I’m getting 50% more done with my days. I don’t have uber energy peaks followed by “what-the-hell-just-happened-to-me” crashes (as I was finding with 100-200mg shots of caffiene sources). I’m more pleasant. I’m more articulate. People even comment that I look healthier and am more “up” and “vibrant.” Sure, okay; I’ll take your word for it. I’m just focused on getting it done and making you push until you get to your goals. Energy is all that matters. And if 2 sticks a day helps me drink my 4.6L of water I’m mixing it in (which also gives me energy and keeps me hydrated), costs me only about $50 a month and leaves me with enough energy to tackle that ever changing To Do List, it’s money WELL SPENT!

It’s not a brain spike, like caffiene is. Not at all. The 35mg of caffiene per serving is just enough to feel some stimulation that way. But this is a body energy. The, I wanna get it ALL done today type of energy. For me: 3 months, no crashes, no adrenal fatigue, no lessening of the effects, if anything it’s gotten better.

You need to try this stuff. Go here for more info or come see me for a free sample. Wanna know what’s in it, the science, about how there is NOTHING ARTIFICIAL in it, only 15 calories per serving and why it can be a good thing for you check here

And just to pressure my good friend Jason who owns/runs Q Energy a little more…I hear there is an orange flavor coming out soon!! Isn’t that right, Jason?

100% Faster Results: Just Add Bob

Was reminded today of one of the most valuable training tools one can acquire:

A training partner!

Thinking back on the times I’ve been in the best shape of my life, or thinking of absolutely every single PR I’ve ever set (squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, anything) I did it working out with another person. There’s been plenty of times I’ve trained on my own. I just plug in my iPod, drink my pre/intra workout drink and get it done. I enjoy those workouts. But it’s not the same. Not even close.

You’re telling me when you see your training partner grabbing a higher weight that you’re not going to consider you should be doing the same? You don’t think when you see your partner adding an extra 5 reps to their last set you’re not going to follow suit? She’s running faster, cranking it even higher, she’s not going to quit…not for an instant until this workout is done. Tell me you don’t work your damnest to keep up?

There’s also a bonding that happens when people lift together. I am lucky in that I get to watch couples train together and I’m telling you that it’s the single most positive thing I think a couple (especially young) can do to build a life together. Don’t agree? Have you ever seen what happens when the wife (or husband) of an overweight couple decides they’ve had enough, that THIS is the moment they strive, struggle, fight, claw and suffer to reach their goals? It gets UGLY!

One of two things: the spouse either bucks up and follows suit (usually moaning and groaning about the process) OR they go the complete opposite way, sometimes going so far as to frequently sabotage the results of the person they supposedly care for (eg. husband brings home pizza for dinner when wife trying her damnest to fight the food monster that’s ruining her physique). Ever heard the infamous “you look fantastic just the way you are!” And I DARE any uber fit person who has a spouse where the training lifestyle just isn’t their thing, to try and tell me your lifestyle choices don’t cause problems in your relationship.

Couples that train together, grow together. Even couples that train apart but are at least both getting in shape still gain the benefits of a closer relationship.

Same goes for two buddies training together. I swear, some of the most life affirming guy based conversations I’ve ever had came between sets of hard work. You see what someone is made of when the weight gets heavy, when the body says no and you just keep going. You see a person.

I’m telling you this: find someone that will commit to your schedule. Train however, it really doesn’t matter, just do work. If that person is flaky, get another, NOW. When you find a training partner that will show up and expects you to show up you’re guaranteed to have the best series of workouts and therefore the best progress you’ll ever see in your life!

This post is just a huge thank you to everyone whom I’ve ever worked out with. Seriously, it’s been some of the greatest sources of joy in my life!

Who’s Driving?

Perusing Facebook the past couple days I keep running across a theme: a spewing of motivational quotes or excuses, whining and bitching about things that seemingly get in the way of reaching one’s goals.

I was gonna do this but…

Somewhere in my life I took control of the wheel driving my life, I was tired of feeling like things were happening TO me, instead I wanted things to be happening FOR me. Good or bad, there’s still a difference in leading your life.

You can’t control some stuff in your life, you surely can’t control other people’s actions…how you respond though: that you can.

So are YOU standing in the way of YOU?


Injured? Nagging ache or pain?

Some of you may have noticed I’ve recently added a page to the my website entitled: You’re Dysfunctional

It wasn’t a comment on your mental health, though you do keep coming back despite being sore as hell sometimes from your workouts…oh, and you pay for that by the way…hmmm….let’s just not go there

I don’t want to get into another discussion on injuries, the kinds I’ve been through and the ones I’m dealing with now. Trust me, if you workout long enough, hard enough, play any kind of sport recreationally or professionally or just live long enough you’re gonna have an injury or two cross your path.

I’m knocking on all kinds of wood for ya right now, but still.

Check out the new page, get yourself worked on and get back to athletic beastmode!