Special Extended: Buy 10 Sessions, Get 4 Free!!! Offer Expires Oct 8th!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve all fallen into a sweet little groove that this time of year allows for. I know it can be challenge as things will still keep coming up. And hey, we’ve got Thanksgiving coming soon, Halloween and they’re even selling Christmas decorations at Costco already! Time flys for sure!!



And speaking of that, a handful of you already took advantage of the special I ran a couple weeks back:

BUY 10 SESSIONS, GET 4 FREE!! All unused sessions expire NOV. 31ST, 2011. OFFER EXPIRES SATURDAY, SEPT. 24TH!


I really didn’t have enough time to follow up with everyone about this and with more big news I’ll be sharing in an email late tomorrow (for those that don’t already know), I am going to extend this special until Oct 8th! Any unused sessions will still expire Nov 31st (but you’ve should already used them up by then).
And I’m even going to sweeten the pot with a HUGE thanks to my good friends over at Q Energy who kindly sent me this message:
Over here at Q Energy Drink we were pretty stoked to see Adrian get online AND to offer such an awesome special to do some training with him. We’re firm believers in being healthy, energetic and happy and we would like to encourage people to take advantage of Adrian’s offer.

To that end, we will give a free ten pack of Q – The Healthy Energy Drink to each of the first ten people who sign up for Adrian’s special. 

Let’s face it, if you’re going to train with Adrian not only will you need some extra energy to keep up, but you will be happy to have some recovery help between sessions.

Our main ingredient, Quercetin, not only provides a healthy energy boost but is an awesome anti-inflammatory as well. So get moving with Adrian. We’ll be there to help.

The Q Energy Drink Team

There are still a few spots left in the first 10 to take the special. Those who have thus far will, of course, get their free 10 pack. Just let me know which flavor you prefer: lemon-lime or wildberry (I have one of each a day; I like them both!).

Check out my review of this fantastic product over on my blog here and on my new website if you’ve not seen it so far!

If you just can’t seem to commit to yourself, get in the gym regularly and get it done: this is the best time of the entire year to make that happen! 14 one-on-one personal training sessions with myself and for the first 10 to take advantage of the special: a free 10 Pack of Q – The Healthy Energy Drink is going to be the absolute best way of ensuring you’re pushing your hardest and having the most fun achieving those goals!

Offer expires Oct 8th, get on it!

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