The Dietary Secret Weapon!

A great many times when new clients are referred to me they come equipped with plenty of questions. “How many times should I workout, or do cardio each week?” “What should I eat?” “Should I go low-carb?” “Is it okay if I _____?”

I’ve talked about the decision-making process quite a few times and that contemplation change into the action stage is generally when I get contacted and hired.

People are anxious for results, they want them yesterday! They’re now willing to eat zero junk, sleep more, stress less, workout all the time and be perfect….from now until infinity and beyond!

Hold your horses!

Now, I don’t mean to stomp on anyone’s parade but I’ve been through this a few times with a few folks and you need some reality sewn into this plan of yours.

I was recently asked to describe my training style or approach with new clients:

1) Assess their needs and determine a course of action (consult)

2) Book training appointments

3) Begin training (possibly with movement pattern assessment)

4) Continue training (you’d think I wouldn’t need to say this but there are a ton of stop/start clients I’ve worked with)

5) Discuss diet after client gets used to regular training (about 2-4 weeks)


You probably thought I’d get on the diet thing sooner. Certainly, I should be overhauling the complete nutrition protocol that has led this person to their weight gain and un-health? Sometimes, that’s true. Most times, however, I don’t go that way.

I’m not a dietician. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a chef. I’m a personal fitness trainer. So 90% of my job is to teach you about working out and exercising. In fact, one could very much argue that me teaching anything that falls outside of the Canadian Food Pyramid would fall outside my scope of practice as a personal trainer. But that would be lazy on my part.

Here’s the conundrum of the expert’s opinion of eating 5-12 servings of grains: if you wish to look like a pyramid, meaning fat and bottom heavy, then go ahead, eat the typical food pyramid’s suggestion.  If you wish to look lean, built and strong, well let’s just say:

A Healthy Outside Starts With A Healthy Inside!

When I finally get around to the dietary discussions of a client’s journey, the first question I always ask is “what do you eat for breakfast?” Seems to make common sense, to me, as it’s the first meal of the day and if you can’t get that one “right” then it would be mighty tough to get the rest of it right. Personally, I love and suggest The Ultimate Breakfast. The other option is the meat and nuts route.

The Ultimate Breakfast 

Next I have clients journal their 3 day food intake. This generally serves to show them where they’re putting the garbage in. It also allows me to see where they are going to look in activity and running too low on fuel (food). Lastly, it shows whether they are priming the workout window.

From there I move onto suggestions, tips and tricks that will help. If someone is hell-bent on a full-out diet plan I quite simply refer out to smarter people than I in that department, namely Wet Wolf or Scott Abel.

The main tip or trick I have is to get the client to increase their fiber intake. Even before I suggest upping protein intake (if needed). Fiber cleans out the system, keeps it running quickly, clog free, lower in toxins and has this beautiful little effect of lowering the insulin response of incoming food: which greatly leads to fat loss long-term! In fact, the more stable you can keep your blood sugar, the faster this exercise torture I’m putting you through will lead to you leaning out.

There’s two ways I go about this:

1) 1-2 Ziplock “sandwich” sized baggies of chopped, raw veggies eaten each day as snacks (mid-morning, mid afternoon). Personally, I love red, orange and yellow bell peppers, cherry/grape tomatos and English cucumbers. But anything raw goes. Don’t murder my suggestion with veggie dip.

2) The suggestion of a product called NutraCleanse, which I included in The Ultimate Breakfast.

The Dietary Secret Weapon 

I’ve always liked ground flax. It’s always agreed with me. Psyllium (the type of fiber used in the Metamucil product) is a little more course and I just could never get into using Metamucil regularly. Dandelion and fenugreek I’ve read a bit about their detoxifying and “cleansing” properties. NutraCleanse is real food, it’s organic and natural, tastes as most any other ground flax products out there do and I can’t say enough good stuff about it; nor can my clients and friends who are hooked on it.

The product’s claims to benefits are wide-spread and I’ve seen quite a few of them first hand:

But there was one benefit in particular that’s really hit me more than the others and it was from a client who came into the gym one day, ripped off her jacket, turned sideways and proclaimed “LOOK!”

I did a double take: her stomach had disappeared. Here is a female client who’s been working her ass off for about 6-8 months and seeing consistent results but that stubborn “poochy” belly fat area was just poof, shrunk. And it wasn’t my skills. Not even close.

She simply told me about her adding a fiber product into her diet for the past two months, coincidently called NutraCleanse! I told her that my gal and I just started using it as well. Well, immediately after that we had to give some samples we picked up to my gal’s mom who has the same “problem.” And sure enough, slow and surely, the stomach keeps coming down. That and colon issues run in the family so this product in the diet just makes good sense!

Now, I can’t explain why it’s so hard for some 40-year-old+ ladies to lose that stubborn front belly fat but I know that the increase in fiber, such as from the addition of the flax/psyllium and 3 detox herb combo found in NutraCleanse has done some pretty impressive stuff.

I love it myself, I can’t rave enough about it. I love how “regular” it leaves me even though I’ve never had a problem there. You’ll just feel more satisfied in that way. Enough said on that topic.


Okay, so what’s in this stuff?

All-natural and organic: ground flax seed, ground pysllium husks, dandelion root powder, burdock root powder, fenugreek seed powder.

That’s it. Nothing artificial. It’s food. It tastes good.

I’ll have others chime in about their results seen with this fantastic product as well as have them tell you how they take it, as there is a dozen different ways if my Ultimate Breakfast isn’t for you.

Try It Out! If You Love It, Pick It Up!

NutraCleanse can be found in many nutrition, grocery and supplement shops across the lower mainland. The company is actually out in Mission, BC (so we’re supporting a local company). Like many food products I love I just got sick of making the trip elsewhere to pick up a product, let alone telling everyone else to go to other stores to go hunt it down, some being unable to locate. So I made the executive decision that it made sense for me to become a merchant and sell the product direct to my clients, family and friends. I’ll save you the gas.

But don’t take my word for it. You have to try it for 3-5 days to know if it’s for you.

So come see me for your FREE SAMPLE PACK!

If you love the product as much as the rest of us do, bags are $28 for 1 or $50 ($25 a piece) for 2. A bag at the 1/3 cup suggested daily intake will last you a month. Personally, I only eat 1/4 cup a day, does me fine and the bag lasts me longer. Between my gal and I, we go through 1.5 bags a month.

Check the NutraCleanse website for more info:

The Beloved Adventures of Refeeding

Earlier this month I covered the important subject of fasting in relation to fat loss and long-term health. But it got me thinking about one of my favorite movies:

Unbreakable movie poster

 What’s not to love about the movie? It has quality actors, it’s about comic books and it brought up a very unique idea about how each extreme most likely has another polar-opposite extreme somewhere out in the world.

So, that said, there must be something as supposedly extreme as fasting is to most people….indeed there is and it’s called:


Before I even continue, I’m going to say this: refeeding is an intentional and purposeful choice to put a great deal of food into your body in a very short period of time. Don’t just call your unplanned pizza and beer night a refeed. You’re kidding yourself.

Have you ever been really hungry? I mean really hungry! The sorta, hmm I could pretty much eat this entire animal RIGHT NOW!!!

I’m talking the whole farm, world-ending hunger, the crazy neuropeptide-Y is making me insane asylum crazy hungry!!!

Okay, so if you know what that sorta hunger level is than let’s talk about a reason, solution and possible benefit to stuffing your face.


Your body is this pretty boring machine that really loves balance, equilibrium and status quo. Go messing with that for too long it starts messing with you. While I’m not a science guy (go here, buy and read this guy’s books for that; they’re good, I own them all) I do understand that being a caloric deficit, which is required for fat loss, for too long (generally speaking every 10-14 days if at max appropriate caloric deficit; not psycho Dr. Bernsteindeath) will result in a bunch of physiological responses by your body to make you want to eat more (usually fat, sugar and salt). Neuropepide Y is just one of those signals as is it’s counterpart leptin. Ghrelin is also an important part of the hunger equation. There’s also a group of signalling molecules called eicosanoids which act in the body to reduce or increase inflammation depending on their increase or suppression based on the food choices we make. It’s all very fascinating stuff if you’re a dork like I can be sometimes (and Lyle McDonald definitely is).

The point is, you leave your body wanting too long as it’s going to turn on some systems you are not going to win against long-term. And if you keep fighting the supposed good fight you actually risk losing muscle which in turn results in decreased metabolic rates (the amount of calories your body burns in a day). This side effect of long-term dieting MUST be avoided at all costs!!

Solution: Refeed

Refeeding is tricky. The purpose of a refeed is a short-term slam of calories into the body that reverse all the hunger and brain crazy signals we get when we think we’re starving. Done right it can work wonders in terms of shutting off those signals, satiating the brain and boosting our energy to continue on with a diet plan and hard exercise.

Done incorrectly, it serves to let your inner-fat kid loose which can turn you into a binge eater, leaving you groggy and possibly with a ton of gastrointestinal distress (a.k.a. farting your significant other out of the house).

The worst part about this refeeding topic is that there really is no exact science behind it. What amount, what type, how long, how often, etc are all very tough variables to work out. In the end, you’ll have to experiment to learn what works best for you.


The following guidelines are from personal experience and from a few of the tips of recall from Lyle McDonald’s books (especially the first half of Bromocriptine which quite possibly had the greatest explanation I’ve ever read of how hunger and fat loss truly happen and work, to the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook which has the element of refeeding built-in for some people and finally, where refeeding was best explained: A Guide to Flexible Dieting which may be the best book you read on the subject of dieting).

#1. You must learn the difference between normal hunger and I’m going to eat the village hunger. Don’t kid yourself, you would know the difference if you’ve ever experienced the latter version. Generally speaking, at max efficiency of your diet and hard exercise program this signal will appear every 10-14 days on average. If it’s happening more frequently, you’re not eating enough period. If it’s happening only every 30 days, you could probably get stricter with your diet or workout more/harder. The 10-14 days coincidence is, in my experience, where I also see the fastest fat loss/body composition changes happening.

#2. Decide how to refeed. Some people just use the old “cheat meal” version. You know, the I’m out with friends and so I’m going to eat the bread, drink the wine and have that twice baked potato this evening with an order of apple crumble for dessert. That’s not a bad way to go. It’s short, it’s mixed calorie type (carbs, fats, proteins and yes, even some alcohol) and most likely you won’t eat anything more after that meal and will/should get up the next morning and go on with a normal, clean diet. I personally found that when being really strict with my diet for the entire week, I required (meaning I saw the best results and felt the best energy/GI balance) with a 5 hour refeeding period. That’s about two meals and a snack worth of time.

#3. Plan the time. Don’t just say whoops, I didn’t mean to eat that double Whopper with bacon and cheese and call it a refeed. Sorry, my friend, but you just failed your diet plan momentarily. Plan the time frame (3-5hours), type of food (home cooked, dine-out, etc) as well as what you will eat the next morning to get right back on track.

#4. Have some foods that fall outside your normal clean eating routine. Just know that Skittles, Lucky Charms and Doritos are a very bad idea and will result in poor results versus choosing a potato with gravy, a juicy steak, some alcohol if you please and a sweet dessert to wrap it up. The better the food choices, the better the results and the less risk of the inner fat kid comeback.

#5. The inner fat kid comeback. You need to experiment and discover if refeeding is just a bad idea. There is a population that once they have the taste of their drug of choice (sugar, high fat, salt, etc) that it sends them into a 4 day tailspin of poor eating habits. If you’re that person the idea of refeeding is not for you. You’ll do far better with the clean as much as possible and everything in moderation so long as you’re truly busting your ass in the gym routine.

#6. I very highly suggest you perform refeeds in the meal(s) prior to bed. Trying to refeed first thing in the day or mid-day can often lead to energy super-highs followed by energy super-lows which leads to very poor choices on what’s for dinner. Which again, leads to inner-fat-kid comeback syndrome. By performing the refeed in the evening meal(s), you’re more likely to go to bed without further eating, then waking up (most likely with a slight food hangover) with the best chance of going back to your normal, planned nutrition program.

#7. Don’t worry about weight gain from a refeed. It’s something like 3g of water we use/store for every 1g of carbs we take in. Take in 500g of carbs and you’re looking at 1500g (3lbs) of water that’s going to collect with it. Don’t worry about your puffier looking face and soft looking belly. If you do this right, going right back to your normal eating, within 2 days you will drop the water and because of your normal dieting/eating/nutrition strategy you should be continuing on with your fat loss. If this doesn’t happen, you went too far (in quantity or didn’t jump right back to your proper eating) and need to adjust for next time.

#8. Lyle McDonald, in his books mentioned above, covers the exact amount of carbs each person in which situation should take in during a refeed so I suggest you buy the books for that. But in general, 200-300g of carbs for women in 3-5hours and 300-500g of carbs for guys in 3-5 hours.

Again, I MUST STRESS that a refeed should only ever be performed when you reach the I’m going to eat the llama right here, right now type of hunger. Don’t kid yourself on eating junk and trying to reference me to say I said it was okay to eat that junk, because I’m not saying that and you should just accept the fact you messed up and move on with a better plan next time. Got it!?


Oh, last tip: the BEST damn way to refeed is here (order the Memphis Feast for 2 people but only take the left over meat home if there is any, haha):

Shut Your Fat Lip!

My buddy would tell me to ease up, calm down and not lower myself to the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry man, I’m F’ing pissed off. And it’s rant time. If you can’t handle some language, tune out for this post, forget I got this person in me; he rarely comes out but some people asked for it.

You might not like what I have to say. Or what I have to show you!

It’s begun. The time of year for two things in the fitness industry and for health endeavors in general. Over the next two weeks those treadmills, ellipitcals and stairsteppers will become a lot more free. The line of young gangsters standing right in front of the dumbbell rack doing synchronized bicep curls endlessly for 15 sets will begin weeding out.

I guess they just didn’t get want they wanted in the 4 weeks they thought it would take:

Turns Out, You Need Hard Work But Over a Long Period of Time

Whoa, whoa, whoa; slow down. Over a long period of time? I thought I just had to work hard. Yep, son, it’s going to take YEEEARS. But I promise it’ll be worth it. In training, the adage of the journey being equally or more important and rewarding than the actual destination (end goal) holds true.

And I’m sorry girlie, yes, cardio will help take you from an apple shape to a smaller apple shape…but it ain’t going to do a damn thing about your shape. That’s what weight training is for.

I know, you’re frustrated, no one told you the truth.

The Rant

With the slacker bit over with let’s get to the other demons. The husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, “friends” and co-workers that are constantly putting you down for reaching, striving, and working for your goals of being leaner, stronger, fitter, and healthier.

You know, those fat lazy bastards or the skinny bitches who eat McD’s every day and don’t gain an ounce or lift a finger to attain the body they want, the fitness level they desire or to deal with the mounting health problems their doc keeps prescribing drugs for.

Those people gotta go, seriously, piss off and shut your fat lip!

This past week I’ve heard the plight of about a dozen of my clients about those people who are turning their support the other way on my people. So it’s time I stand up for them.

Example: {Facebook post from the most badass woman I know}: ” Went to the Boathouse last night with friends. Why is it whenever people notice that you aren’t drinking, eating the bread or ordering dessert that they look at you like you are mutant but then in the next breath tell you they don’t want to go away somewhere sunny and hot because their body isnt bathing suit ready…..well duh.”

Or the 48 year old, world’s-biggest-sweetheart-of-a-woman-I’ve-ever-met who over the past 4 months I’ve been training her, has gone from never exercising with free weights to having lost 7.8lbs on the scale (145.6lbs to 137.8lbs at 5’7″ tall) and gaining 1.23lbs of muscle. Now she came to me originally because of knee pain when she climbed stairs. Not even for weight loss but rather to stop the pain and get in better shape. As a result of her getting stronger to dial down the knee pains and then finally some smart dietary habit changes (not a diet, just cleaning up some food) she’s lost that excess body fat and gained some muscle. About two months ago she came in, ecstatic to show me her new bicep muscles. Not to show me her pants were getting loser or that her stomach had shrunk (both were happening) but to show me her muscle gain! Listen to me, this is basically like my mom, excited because she’s gotten stronger, more confident and feels the surge of energy that a small 7.8lbs of fat loss OVER 4 MONTHS (less than 2lbs/month) and she’s in less pain overall. Her family (except the real supportive, caring ones) are calling her anorexic, telling her that she’s starving herself (when she’s actually eating more every day than when I first met her) and putting her down for being happy, in less pain and super energetic instead of tired and overall, she’s just happier and more confident in who she is. You know what, if she won’t say it, I will: f*ck off. You have no right to call yourself a friend or caring family member if that’s who you’re going to be towards her and what you’re going to say.

I mean, really, I’d like to know how this 48-year-old, sweetheart of a woman doing this (which makes her happy and healthy) is somehow a bad idea:

Grrrrrrrr….. I want to smash my keyboard right now

Or how about the people who endless complain about “not having time” to workout, cook, eat right and reach for their goals of looking better and being healthier? Really, let’s talk then. Do you have a television in your house? Yes. Okay. Do you watch ANY television, regardless of type or time? Oh, you do; that’s funny. I thought you said you had no time for exercise and cooking to begin looking and feeling better. So you were lying. No? Oh, right, you were just making a choice to stay as you are, never content, forever whining about what you don’t work for. You too can just keep your lips closed from herein.

Please, try to debate with me how never missing out on Jersey Shore is better than attaining your summer body. I dare you.

My favorite are the husbands who whine about their wives going to the gym “too much this week.” HAHA. Really. Go sit down with a dude who’s wife refuses to exercise. But hey, I get you, I mean it sucks that your woman, you know the one you supposedly care about making happy, is somehow taking something away from you by going out a few hours a week to exercise or cook clean meals so that she can drop a few pounds (that she doesn’t need hanging around) and trying to make her butt look firmer and rounder, or making her tummy flatter or making her legs look harder. Yea, I can imagine how you’ll be suffering from such a thing. 99% of the time the main reason husbands and boyfriends sabotage their significant other’s progress or stomp on their efforts is because if your wife(y) changes well that might mean you have to buck up too. So it’s your lazy ass that needs to come try and keep up with your lady at the gym. Be a man and support your sexy woman. YOU DID CHOOSE HER AFTERALL – ACT LIKE IT.

I Dare You 

I’ve said it many times: most wives would leave their husbands in the ditch crying to keep up with their workouts. Women who truly workout are hardcore. Women who work for their fitness goals work harder than most men any day. Because they have to, they lack the testosterone to make it as easy as us guys have it. Hell, I can eat a whole large pizza to myself and wake up the next day like looking like it never happened. Ask your gal how that scenario works for her.

So…I dare you, WE DARE YOU, to join my client’s session. Hell, I won’t even charge you the extra person fee. C’mon, come tag along and do your wife’s, sister’s, brother’s, co-worker’s, husband’s or “friend’s” workout next time. Because if the answer is no, YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHT TO SPEAK.

Until that day comes and you learn some respect in that process: shut your fat lip!

Time for me to go meditate this silverback gorilla energy away now.

The Grip4orce Experiment – Part 1

I like to experiment. While I was never one of those rip apart the tv remote to see how it functions and put it back together type of guy, I do consider myself inquisitive and willing to use my body to learn.

Rather lends itself nicely to the life of a personal trainer. And in reality, I have a dozen experiments running at all times. New protein powders, new food eating patterns, new sleeping patterns, different shampoos, different times of the day to have sex….the list is always evolving.

So when people ask me, “Did you go to university to take kinesiology or what did you take?!?” The answer is: “Nope, I just try to learn as much as I can and experiment.”

And my clients all unfortunately know when I post on Facebook of the new training toy I picked up, they best be scared!

This time its:

Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk in the training world about the use of fatter grips via either fatter diameter barbells or dumbbells, the wrapping of towels around implements to lift, and lastly the addition of an external gripping tool to regular training equipment.

There are currently 3 external, place-on-implement plug-n-play type tools out there on the market that I’m aware of:

Fat Gripz – these I’ve owned for about 2 years now. I use them sparsely but have enjoyed using them.

Tyler Grips – these are an odd shape, thicker at one end than the other which they claim is more ergonomic. I’ve not had the chance to play with these.

Grip4orce – these I just picked up two pairs of the “regular flex” as I’m just not ready for the “stiff flex” ones yet.

I’ve seen good testimonials online for all three products but the main difference between them is the Fat Grips need to be pulled apart and then locked on a bar/dumbbell; the Tyler Grips are the same but, again, have an odd shape with one end thicker than the other; where the Grip4orce is different is that the tool is always in the open position to start and you then have to muscle the close of it the entire time you are doing a set of whatever exercise.

While I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as this will be a one month experiment of the Grip4orce to assess its usefulness, effectiveness, pros, cons, quality, etc, I will say that having to hold the Grip4orce shut on the dumbbells felt very different from how Fat Gripz feel.

The Experiment

Okay, so my buddy Matt (poor guy didn’t even know I signed him up for this!) and I will be using the Grip4orce grips for every movement that we can except for things that don’t make much sense, like deadlifts and cleans or other exercises which are feeble like pull ups where I can normally get 6-15 reps and with the Grip4orce I got 2 reps today. I’m not ready to use them for pull ups and really, I’m trying to train my back on pull ups, not destroy my forearms. Basically, if the Grip4orce completely negates my ability to feel the target muscle(s) of an exercise, I simply won’t use them for that exercise. But everything else is game.

Both Matt and I have taken pre-workout flexed forearm, upper arm and shoulder circumference tape measurements of both our arms, taken flexing photos of arms/shoulders from front and back and will check in two weeks, and then again will wrap this up by displaying the results at the 4 week mark.

Today we tried them in our very first upper body workout which I have to say, made everything a lot harder to do but in a good way. So far, I dig them although it’s very hard to type this blog right now.

Watch this very short vid of me doing one of the last sets of my workout today with the Grip4orce grips.

I must say, I’ve NEVER been so bloody pumped up in my life!! EVER! It was ridiculous really.

Stay tuned….

The Big Reset Button

Don’t you wish you could just do something that took your aches, pains, and general “got my ass kicked” type body-funk and just get a huge reset? BANG – 60-100% better instantly!

Now, I’m not a genie in a bottle. I can’t grant you three wishes. Over time I can make your butt perky, your spare tire disappear and make you perform better in your sport…but that takes time and who the hell wants to take time to feel better? We want it NOW! Or yesterday in fact.

I’ve already told you about how to dial down your muscle aches and pains by about 50% in 30 minutes here. But what about the middle of your day when you’re feeling the stress accumulating, the energy tanking and your mood going right foul?

You, my friend, are in need of an adrenal reset.

The Big Adrenal Reset

Anyone who’s ever faced adrenal fatigue (show of hands; I’ll put four up for me) will know how bad that decline of mood and energy can be come mid-day. It feels like your old laptop battery that no matter how long you charge it up for and no matter how much it tries to tell you the battery is full…it still dies every 15 minutes!

The adrenal glands play a big part in energy production and a whack of hormonal processes. If you want to learn more about that I suggest you read Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by J. Wilson as it taught me a lot about how to manage and bounce back from this condition.

But, here’s the thing, whether you are facing this condition or not, it doesn’t matter; everyone can benefit and feel better by one simple trick:

Mid-day, lay down for 10-20 minutes, preferably in the dark, preferably on your back

BUT don’t fall asleep. Set an alarm just in case you doze off which is fine, you just don’t want to pass out too long where you end up messing up your sleeping patterns for the evening.

20 minutes on your back, preferably in the dark (I prefer knees bent as well) will do some miraculous things for how you feel for the rest of your day.

Now, it’s pretty simple for me to do. Between clients just lay on the floor in the gym, close my eyes and bang when I sit up 20 minutes later it’s almost as rewarding as sleeping a solid 8 hours. For me, it’s a complete reset so I may face the 2nd half of my day. It can be tough for those at a desk job or other situations. If it’s not too cold, go lay down in the back seat of your car. If your office has a first aid room with a bed, go use that. Or be the weirdo in the cubicle who spends half his lunch on his back with a pillow. You were sleeping half the day anyway…

If I’m particularly stressed I will even lay on my 36″ round foam roller (posture reset: video link of this at bottom of article) for 5 minutes, then slide off and finish the other 5-15 just on the ground.

Throw your iPod on if you find the noise around you distracting.

 What about the end of the day. You’re tired. Bitchy. Sore. Everything hurts and feels like garbage. You wanna go to bed and forget the epsom salt bath, you got no time to run it, be in the bath, you don’t think you could just chill out for 30 minutes anyway without getting antsy and then you have to dry off and you ladies with long hair that sucks to go to bed when wet….okay, okay; I get it.

Can you give me 3-5 minutes?

Let’s talk:

The Big Posture Reset

Gravity sucks. Your posture at the end of your long day sucks. And aside from us crazy few, the last thing you’re longing to do right before bed it hop on your Rumble Roller and go at it for 20 minutes. It just sounds painful. And my day was painful enough.

You sure you don’t wanna play with me??

C’mon, just a couple of rounds on the IT Band for giggles!

I want you to watch this video. I talk about how, why and what to take your beat-up, tired, personal trainer-tortured body and do a near complete posture reset right before bed so you sleep better, wake with a better posture with less aches and pains and well…stand up straighter. You were taller and cooler 10 years ago. I can’t help your inner-dork. But taller, that I can do something about.

The complete posture reset: gimme 3-5 minutes, every night for a week and guaranteed you’ll feel a lot better!

Go watch the 10 minute video here:

There are times you just need to dial down the pain, the aches, the frustration and bring yourself back to life. Your posture, your adrenal glands and everyone around you, grumpy pants, will thank you!