Are You A Supersoaker or a Starfish?!

Gym culture is strange. It’s a different set of rules, etiquette and has its own sorts of characters. I can’t help but escape the classification of two of these characters as they really make up 90% of who I see and even who I train.

I have one question for you:

Are You A Supersoaker:

or A Damn Starfish:

Here’s one thing every guy knows: the worst women in bed are “starfishes!” They just lay on their back or lazily hop on top and basically do nothing. Like you owe it to them to bring them to orgasm, or that they’re doing you some big favor by letting you…whatever. Look, I’ll earn my keep, I’ll rock it like a porn star, YOU have to bring it too. For if you don’t want to…what the hell are you doing here?

Now, I’m not just picking on you ladies, as I’m about to point out, the metaphor above in relation to the topic at hand is mute. Most women train harder than their male counterparts any given day! Take the top woman of any sport, the top guy of any sport and put them through a strength & conditioning workout (if they have equal experience in such): the woman will leave the man begging for mercy.

So what the hell is this metaphor I’m talking about; this Supersoaker vs Starfish?

Let’s look to Urban Dictionary for the definition of a half-asser:

Someone who actively decides to do less than their best because either they don’t care

or they feel the task doesn’t deserve the time it would take to do a good job.

Okay, that’s simple enough. What about a Supersoaker…

Well, I’m going to make up my own definition here:

A Supersoaker is:

Someone who chooses to:

1) Show up for their workouts when they said they would

2) Performs a proper warm up and doesn’t rush it, nor do they take their sweet ass time. Warm ups are about efficiency. If you can’t get the warm up right, your workout is going to be just as disastrous (or even dangerous)!

3) Uses FULL range of motion

4) Understands when and how to apply strict form, “loose/bio-mechanically correct” form, and when you’re boarding on sloppy

5) When the thought pops in our head if we could possibly use more weight, or do more reps or control the negative more…we do that! We don’t question the question. What’s the worst that can happen?

6) We auto-regulate. I’m not a sheep. I follow a workout program but I adapt as needed with all the other guidelines above followed first. But if my shoulder is really hurting on the bench press today: switch the damn exercise for today. Try a dual cable standing chest press, letting your hands rotate as they want.

7) I may whine, but it’s really because I enjoy this madness we put ourselves through and I’m still getting it done

8) Our workout partners always remark how we’re always trying to find a way to make it harder

9) We thrive on the angst and anxiety of the coming leg day

10) We have leg days


I’m also going to say that 60% of people in gyms across North America as Starfishes. The percentage is higher than my clients because those that seek out personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and the like at least intend to excel. They want more.

A few other things about Starfishes:

1) There is always an excuse why they haven’t reached their goals

2) They lack consistency

3) They never use the full range of motion because that would require too much effort or even the effort required to perform proper self myofascial release, dynamic mobility warm ups, stretching and therapeutic work (chiro, ART, massage, physio when injured) to be able to make their body be able to handle full range of motion.

4) It’s never their fault they don’t have the body or performance level they want

5) Their training session is more than 25% social. Look I talk a lot during my training, but it’s when I’m resting (the appropriate amount of time) but when it’s set time, it’s time to STFU and train! Don’t talk about social stuff to me during my set. If I look angry to you or pissed off, it’s because I’m working. I’m focused. You, on your cell phone, your buddy squatting and still able to carry a conversation while doing so; with his head cocked sideways none-the-less…You are Starfishes!

6) You don’t understand that training is about learning. Learning not only how to perform an exercise, but how an exercise affects your body, how your body moves, how it may be slipping into poor posture, alignment, dysfunction. There are no hunchback 6-year-olds.

7) They always chose to do the bare minimum number of reps in a given rep range

How do you think granny ended up like this:

A bunch of my clients are now going to proceed to get offended or freak out, wondering if I’m pointing the finger at them. Well, for 40% of you, I am. Now, it’s my job to point out when you’re not straightening your arm all the way, not squatting low enough, taking too much rest. But if I’ve told you 50+ times the same thing and you choose to ignore me. That’s cool, that’s your decision. I will stop you, of course, if you are going to injury yourself. But you get in, what you put in. And you’re the one paying for the session, so you’re the one governing how much you bring to the table in terms of effort and enthusiasm. You’ll know you’re a starfish if I’ve had to give you the same instruction more than 5 times in a session in regards to the same exercise.

A Supersoaker would stop and ask me how to they can better perform, understand and utilize the exercise in your program. A Supersoaker would keep their ears open, while performing a set just in case I need to cue you. If you had to annoyingly ask me “WHAT?!” during the set after my instructions, you weren’t paying attention. Zone in to what you’re doing, don’t zone out. Yea, I know it’s hard, it’s supposed to be.

For use trainers and coaches, the Supersoaker clientele is just as fun as the toy was when we were kids! They are the reason I do this job.

In conclusion: this thing we do and why we do it means different things to different people. There is ALWAYS going to be someone bigger, faster and stronger than YOU. That’s not what matters. You didn’t start working out to improve how good someone else is. This is about you. If you’re happy with your level of success in your health, fitness and/or sport performance endeavors, I’m happy for you.

You get in what you put in…so…are you a Starfish or a Supersoaker?

The Brain Candy Experiment – Part 1/3

If you’ve found this via a search engine and are looking for a full product review of Biotest Brain Candy, make sure you check out Part 2 where I outline it all for you. If you’re looking for a review of the caffeine free version go HERE.

Oh my god you’re thinking…WTF is Adrian experimenting on/with/about now?

You have no idea. I’ve got so much on the go all the time and so many things in stages of plans being realized that my life is the experiment. Whoa, revelation right there. Life: the point is to experiment. I must digress…

Right now I have 3 major experiments going on. The Grip4orce Experiment (almost done), the Zero to Zen Project (which I’ve not announced yet but soon!) and now The Brain Candy Experiment.

Yep, the picture was taken in the dark at 6am when this puppy got slammed!

What is Brain Candy? It’s the latest dietary supplement made by Biotest. It’s a once-per-day liquid 125mL shot designed to optimize brain function, increase confidence, reduce social anxiety, improve mood, increase productivity and create sustained energy with no crash.

In other words it’s Biotest’s real-world rendition of the fictional drug which the fantastic movie Limitless was based on.

Seriously, watch this movie!

Why the Experiment? Well, one I like to try new supplements, especially when Biotest is the producer. They make quality stuff. I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve tried 80% of their entire line at some point in time and would say 50% of that is damn good. That’s saying a lot in the bodybuilding supplement realm of b.s. potions and claims.

Secondly, I’m a high functioning individual already. I ALWAYS have stuff on my mind. For every action I take I generally find one to two more I can build on. Every personal training session I have leads to an idea, a lesson learned, another action I’d committed myself to for myself and/or my clients. I’m present and accounted for in my relationship. I keep tabs on people in my life as much as my time allows. Plus, I’m truly an introvert who needs my down time to survive this crazy life. So either I adopt a 36 hour day (anyone know where I can find one?), adjust my schedule to bi-phasic sleep (man I’d love to do that!), give up sleeping entirely (tried that this past year; didn’t work so well) or I find ways to do more, become more productive and manage the challenges I take on and must face.

Here’s some info that goes into this: I have mild bipolar disorder. I’ve never taken prescriptions for it. I’ve learned to live with and mostly even love it. I’m a night owl. An introvert. I’m forced to pretend to be an “alpha-male” in my job as I’m the one in control even though that’s not really who I am in “real life”. I’m just a quiet dude who takes on various roles and personalities to achieve my goals and dreams. I am highly reactive to most quality nutritional supplements. You know those people who nothing works on? I’m the opposite. I feel everything, placebo perhaps I’m sure sometimes. I’m very reactive to stimulants. I love stimulants. 300mg of caffeine turns me right crackhead-ish, chatting like a 12 year old school girl. I’m also an information hub, taking in, processing, dispensing, demystifying, attacking, challenging, questioning, reevaluating and laughing at regularly. Lastly, and of signficant note, I’ve faced adrenal fatigue many times in my life. All self inflicted, of course, from lack of sleep, over-exercising, lack of nutrition and my enjoyment of caffeine (I don’t drink coffee – gross).

As far as nootropics/brain function/brain hormone supplements are concerned I’ve used and gotten to understand the plusses and minuses of this list for myself: Gingko biloba, DMAE, Biotest’s Power Drive, L-tyrosine, Syntrax’s old supplement called Cerebro (man I miss that stuff), vinpocetine, hyperzine-A, phenibut, 5-HTP, melatonin, valerian root, phosphatidylserine and probably others I can’t recall right now. But the point is I’ve tried a few and know what’s decent and what’s garbage.

Here’s the thing: I’m very content with my life. If I died right now, this instant, I’d be totally happy with how it’s all gone thus far. But I always want more. I know, deep inside of myself, that I’ve got a lot to offer, that I want to offer. I want to teach. I find no coincidence in the pattern of how others come into my life at a moment when they are at a crossroads, epiphany or change in their lives. There’s been some major blocks though: time, energy, motivation and perhaps at times confidence.

Enter Brain Candy…

It promises the solution and I am here to put Biotest on the stand and prove it to me!

How I’ll run this experiment:

I have purchased 2 cases of the original Brain Candy (the orangy flavored, 300mg caffeine containing version; the only one available to the public at the time of this blog’s release). This will last me about 30 days (I gave a couple away).

I’m currently on day 3. I made notes thus far on my experience and it goes as such:

Day 1:

Brain Candy taken as single shot at 6:24am after 5.5hrs sleep (mind you I had 1.5hrs deep sleep, 1.5hrs REM sleep and a ZQ score of 69 which is high on all accounts versus the total time slept; more info to come on these numbers and how I get them when I unleash the Zero to Zen project soon!)

7am Caffeine shot, right to middle of my forehead, eyeballs POPPING out like BANG WAKE UP DAMMIT!

7:30am Leg warm up begins…

9:30am Leg workout done (push hard, hit 15lbs PR on front squat). This leg workout is disgusting. I’m not comparing against others in the world but I’m saying this f*ing workout destroyed me and my workout partner. Crawling up the stairs, shaking to drink my post-workout protein type of leg workout.

11am Starting to fade but calm, able to stay collected but leg workout destruction really taxing me.


2:30pm Chiropractor visit. A lot was adjusted (which usually beats me up anyway).

3pm Went home to do work for a bit before second work block but so completely and utterly exhausted, needed to nap for 90mins which never happens.

5:30pm Back at work, dragging my ass, stressed, can’t focus.

7pm Break, very articulate now and able to demonstrate complex exercise (clean variations to a newb).

8:15pm Taught my ladies only class and was fantastic, energy was better, mood good, articulate.

11pm Finished emails and web surfing, brain shuts down.

Day 1 Overall: Roughest day I’ve had in a very long time! Terrible day. Could be the 300mg caffeine in Brain Candy which is overkill for me, could be that retarded leg workout, could be lack of sleep; could be all of it. No way to tell. On the positive side, even though my energy was shit, I was able to articulate well and maybe because of this others may not have noticed my fatigue.

Day 2:

Brain Candy slammed as single shot at 8am after 7hrs sleep (1hr deep sleep, 2hrs REM, ZQ score 77)

8:30am Eye’s popping out feeling again. Psycho crystal clear thinking BUT told girlfriend “I feel like a crackhead” because I’m so jittery. Uncomfortably so.

9:30am Brain even more alert, jitters still overkill. Stomach upset from Brain Candy. Wasn’t sure if that was it first day but after feeling it again today I’m sure it’s the supplement as it’s taken on an empty stomach upon waking.

12noon Energy VERY high, jitters gone, thermogenic (heat/sweating), extremely clear and able to articulate.

9:30pm Energy still high, appetite was low (bad for someone trying to gain weight and who already doesn’t have an appetite), mind very clear.

11:30pm Clear enough to write a blog which requires much detail. I sorta made myself a rule that I won’t write any work related emails or other communique beyond 10pm anymore as it’s usually a spelling and focus disaster. Still not tired, hard to calm down and shut brain off. Of serious note, my typical bipolar down phase hasn’t even popped up (it usually starts around 8-10pm).

Day 2 Overall: Makes a thinker more of a thinker which can be distracting. Worried about ability to shut off. Mood was high/positive. Suspect if one made exact plans for the day I’d get even more done. Scary thought.

Day 3:

Brain Candy single shot slammed at 8:15am after 6.5hrs sleep (1:52 deep {highest ever! Mind you I did take 1.5mg melatonin which I do use about 2-5x/week}, 2:08 REM sleep, ZQ score 86; all VERY high). Was VERY tough to wake up this morning, extremely groggy but I’d attribute that more to the melatonin.

8:35am Feel the rush coming on, instant not tired feeling. I’m a talk to myself all the time (sometimes even out loud) person (I’m going to make an awesome senile person!) as is but while styling hair in pops voice “Oh yea MF, gonna own this day today!”

9am Jitter city again. Smack in the forehead, eyes popping out feeling again. Information processing rate (visual, clarity of thought, iPhone texting speed) all disgustingly high!

5:30pm Good to go, workout time. Thought for a moment about not even using Surge Workout Fuel or pre-workout drink Neurocore but wanted to murder my chest workout so took anyway. Able to add 50 push ups to finisher over last week’s 200 which destroyed me. Took less time to complete versus last weeks 200 as well. Instead of being trashed I was like what’s next! Scary thing when you get in the mode of: I could have kept going…forever!

9pm Crazy productive when I got home. Still no drop in energy, no post workout crash either. Brain sharp!! Ready to blog.

11pm Blogging this. Don’t see myself stopping any time soon even though I gotta be up at 5am.

Day 3 and so far overall opinion: I’m VERY impressed with this Brain Candy stuff. I’m going to test the hell out of it for the remaining 27 days and get back to you in Part 2 at the half way point and obviously wrap it up in Part 3. For days 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 I am going to try dumping the Brain Candy into my 2.3L Nalgene water bottle (which usually takes me 2.5-4hrs to finish my first one of my day) to see how a slower “delivery” into the body affects the jitter level and effectiveness of the product.

Stay tuned…

Will Adrian become Limitless?

Check Part 2 here and the wrap up, Part 3 here

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Raffle Contest: 2 x Novaform Gel Memory Foam Pillows – Sleep Better!

Back in January, I was very excited to write-up a review for a pillow I picked up at Costco made By Sleep Innovations called the Novaform Gel Memory Foam Pillow. To my complete surprise it was the most viewed blog of that month, it’s one of the most viewed blogs of this year even, and it still sees regular traffic by those looking to find a quality, unbiased review of the product. It still makes me laugh though, as I’m a personal fitness trainer and this pillow review was sort of a one-off thing.

I’m also big on giving my clients and those that find me online add-on values wherever possible. I put up free workouts on my YouTube channel, I would give the shirt off my back for my clients (who I really view more as friends); I’m just that kind of guy. To a fault even.

So the point is, I really wanted to highlight the already popular blog by teaming up with Sleep Innovations’ marketing department to give you all a chance to get in on a RAFFLE for 2 FREE Novaform Gel Memory Foam pillows!!

That’s right! Sleep Innovations has given the go ahead to let me raffle off two of these awesome pillows. Whomever wins, they will simply be shipped out to you once I announce the winners.

So let’s keep this short, simple and really clear on how to enter for your chance to win 1 of the 2 Novaform Gel Memory Foam Pillows:

Contest Rules, Details, ETC:

How to Enter (pay attention!):

Step 1: Vist the original Novaform Gel Memory Foam Pillow blog review HERE. Read it carefully for I’ve laid out all the pluses, minuses and overall guideline on whom this type of pillow is best suited for and also who it will definitely not work for. No point in entering a contest for a product you’re not going to use. The main thing to note is if you don’t like a firm pillow,  you’re not going to like this pillow.

Step 2. After reading the review, if you find this pillow is of interest for you and you want a shot at winning one, you only have to do two really easy things:

     1) Post a comment on THAT BLOG entry, NOT this one. Answer the following two questions in the comments:

           A) Do you sleep on your side (fetal), back, front or mix?

           B) Do you currently sleep on a memory foam pillow, feathers, poly-mix, latex, etc? If you don’t know, no biggie, just say “don’t know”

     2) Subscribe to my blog. Pretty easy, look down on your right hand corner. See the grey “Follow +” button, click on that, enter your email address and done. Now, of course it’s a perk for me to have a greater subscribing readership. It allows me to reach a greater audience and gets my name out there more.  If you dig the sort of info I put out, I’m happy. If it’s just not your forte, after the winner of the contest has been announced, feel free to unsubscribe (which is just as easy). I promise, I won’t take offense to it. I will also note, you may wish to hang around as I’ve got more giveaways just around the corner and I’m hoping to be able to do this often.

That’s it, you’re entered.

Now, a few things to keep in mind: all comments have to be moderated/approved by me first before they show up which means if you post a comment and it doesn’t immediately appear, don’t panic, I usually get to them all at the end of my day. This also allows me to double-check you’ve completed the two steps (comment posted answering the two questions as well as subscribed to the blog). Once that’s been done I will reply to your comment just to let you know you’ve been entered.

Rules of the Contest:

1. Each entry is for 1 pillow only. I am giving away two pillows but they are going to two separate entry winners. If that just so happens to be you and your spouse that enter individually and both win, wow, luck of the draw.

2. Contest dates run: Mar 29th, 2012 and last day you can enter is 11:59pm PST Friday, April 13th. The winner will be announced Sunday, April 15th via the blog so check back on that date (you’ll get an email anyway because you’re subscribed to the blog).

3. Pillows are being shipped directly from Sleep Innovations. I do not have them on hand so I cannot predict an exact arrival date. The plus side to this is that I’m opening the contest up to anyone in Canada AND the United States!

4. Like any contest, prizes have no cash value; you may NOT trade for such. Don’t enter the contest unless you’re genuinely interested in owning one of these fantastic gel memory foam pillows.

Any questions, feel free to ask them here in comments below but again, to enter this contest you must post in the original review of this awesome product which is HERE.

Good luck to all who enter!

Advanced Trainer Techniques – Combination Movements – Part 1

Like most guys I started out training with the basics. Squats, biceps curls, dumbbell chest presses and lat pulldowns. Those kicked my ass enough at that time. Given the right load, tempo, set & rep scheme, these exercises still do.

The “basics” will always be a staple of my programming. But things have changed since the days of Arnold. And things have become extremely confusing at the same rate of change as the exercise and exercise equipment has evolved.

On the other side of the weight training spectrum we have olympic lifting which is essentially very large, heavy movements done with low reps. A prime example is a barbell snatch. You’re taking a loaded barbell from a dead position on the ground, tossing it into the air, catching it with locked out arms above the head and finally proceeding to overhead squat with it. Like holy sh*t!

But it’s funny because if I had to take a heavy box and move it from the ground in the garage to the top shelf  almost out of reach, there would be a great deal in common between those olympic movements and real life.

What I’m trying to say, is that combination movements, where I take one “basic” movement pattern (such as a squat) and follow it directly into another movement pattern (such as a shoulder press), this now becomes a totally different movement with a different purpose, full of unique benefits and challenges.

So let me help you cut through the difficulties of understanding some of the combination movements, including a video demonstration of 10 of my favorites I use.

Complex, Combination and Hybrid Movements

Say what?! You’ll hear fancy terms for all kinds of things in the fitness industry. “Okay, Bill, today I’m going to have you do a metabolic conditioning quadplex followed by very difficult energy systems work afterward.” Well, smarty pants, Bill is looking at you like “so does that mean I have to do those damn burpee things I hate again?”


Complex: Generally, a complex is referred to a sequence of exercises performed using one piece of equipment without rest from one movement to the next. I’ve seen these best done with barbells but you could use kettlebells or other pieces of equipment as well. Dan John really has the best complexes I’ve played around with.

Hybrid: Hybrid movements are when a certain movement pattern begins to look a little like another, on purpose I might add. I’m not condoning how some people “back squat” but yet it looks a lot more like a good morning with too much knee bend. That’s just poor form.

So if this is a reverse lunge:

 And this is a 1 leg romanian deadlift:

Then this is???

A hybrid (technically we call the above exercise a “runner’s lunge”). Hybrids are awesome, they have a unique ways of ironing out the weaknesses certain basic exercises may have. They also help up better target specific force production, sport-specific power production and/or muscle group emphasis (eg. more glutes, less quads) when the time comes for that in a program’s goals.

Want some more ideas on great hybrid training exercises or methodologies, go visit the expert: Nick Tumminello’s siteYouTube channel and pick up some of his DVD’s like Strength Training For Fat Loss & Conditioning.

Combination: The definition of a combination movement is rather simple: Take one exercise, follow it directly into a second exercise. Perfect example is a “Thruster” which is essentially a squat directly followed by a shoulder press. You can use dumbbells, a barbell, kettlebells or your wife!

Just PLEASE use more than a freaking 5lb dumbbell as shown above. What a travesty!

 Why use combination movements? There’s really three reasons:

1) Energy cost. Obviously a squat costs more energy than a bicep curl. It’s harder to do, involves more coordination, more muscles are being used and you can generally load it a great deal more. Most combination movements involve a larger and a smaller movement pattern teamed together so the energy cost can be equal to both combined.

2) Multiple muscle targeting. Related to energy cost, what if I’m pressed for time or what to bump up the volume of my workouts but keep to the same time? Supersets, circuit training, etc all help as does cutting rest periods. But the ultimate efficiency boost is combination movements. I can work more muscle groups, even still in an overload fashion (if strength or hypertrophy is what I’m after) and I can improve my conditioning all at the same time.

3) Life skills. Like most things in life, we don’t just bend over to pick something up. We bend over, pick it up to our center of gravity (navel area) and then perform some other task (such as rotation, overhead press, walk, etc). Teach granny to properly dumbbell clean and press and all of a sudden she’ll remark at how well she moves around the house. I’ve seen it time and again.

The Problem With Combinations

I have a few rules when it comes to combinations: have a purpose in programming it, explanation of usage and try to put holes in your own “theory” as to why you’re using a combination exercise versus simply using it’s broken up counterparts and obey your responsibility (as a trainer or regular joe in a gym) to be SAFE in the exercises you perform!

Here are some great examples of what not to do using the most wildly misused piece of equipment out there, the BOSU:

Why? What is this guy trying to achieve?

Even more insane is putting a relatively heavy weight over your head on a VERY unstable balance product. WHY?!

One thing’s for certain: she’ll never get too “bulky” looking. Poor ladies are so misled into thinking crap like this is going to make you “toned” or whatever weird verb-of-the-week you’re trying to accomplish.

At least this trainer has it right: he’s combining stupidity with a sexual misconduct lawsuit in waiting. Or maybe she signed up for extra personal attention. I can tell you that her 3lb dumbbell bicep curls are not giving her what she’s paying this ape for.


Here’s the thing, I use the BOSU, I use other training toys, I combine things in ways others would disagree with, I like some exercise combinations quite simply because they are hard to do, etc. I still follow my own rules: #1, is the safety there, #2 is there a purpose for why I put it in the program and where I put it in the program, #3 can I punch holes in my own theory for if I can punch too many into it, it’s a garbage exercise, #4 does the combination make the exercise at least as good as it’s broken up counter parts? If I’ve satisfied my own “rules” then the exercise gets used by myself or in exercise prescription for my clients.

Curious what combinations are my favorites? Check the 26 minute video here where I demonstrate and explain some unique combinations:

Why Women Need 5lbs MORE Muscle!

So the other day I went on a rant of sorts. A friend asked my help in how to verbally lay out the necessity of women to do more than be cardio bunnies to achieve their fat loss/fitness/”tone up” goals and how she’s experienced first hand how weight training and body weight exercises have truly shaped her body into the phenom it is today; NOT CARDIO!

Then they asked me to share the rant on here. Oh, ladies, I’m not sure you’re sure of what you’re asking for but here goes:

Fat loss is math. You burn more calories than you take in your body loses fat. Starve your body too much and you lose muscle which causes your body to actually burn fewer calories every day. So…the fix….

Gaining 5lbs of muscle equates to ~250 more calories burned A DAY which means every 15ish days you’re technically burning 1lb of fat worth (3500 cals) off your body you wouldn’t have without that muscle.

So in ~20 weeks that’s 10lbs of fat loss!!  Just for gaining 5lbs of muscle. And you haven’t done an ounce of cardio in my equation. Imagine if you added an appropriate amount of cardio AFTER you weight trained?! Plus muscle is hard and compact, not soft. Now you might not think 10lbs in just under half a year is much but think double – 1 year – you’re not going to be happy losing 20lbs of fat and not having to have once spent a single moment on the damn treadmill staring at blank wall for hours upon hours?

So a gain of 5lbs of muscle is tight, firm and lean.

Now, the ace: if you look like a f*ing apple, pear, carrot or whatever absurd veggie/fruit we compare women’s shapes to: by doing only cardio and/or only dieting, even if you lose how much ever fat you want it just means you’re a smaller apple, pear, carrot shape. BORING.

Muscle gain is how you CREATE shape. By choosing the right sorts of exercises YOU can specifically determine what sort of shape you want to build. Wanna a rounder, firmer bottom: sumo deadlift. Want a shoulder and tricep that are separate and not a big fat blob: do some dumbbell shoulder presses and some overhead tricep cable rope extensions. Want to get rid of your “pooch” (the roundness, not just the fat) do some leg raises variations and some 1/2 roller work or reverse crunches.

Women do NOT have the testosterone levels to build muscle like men. Women get smaller, leaner, firmer and more confident about their capabilities when they weight lift.

Be strong, sexy and bootylicious enough you can carry your own damn groceries and open you own damn jars. Fat, weak, soft (in body and in mental toughness) is the single greatest turn off from a fit guy’s perspective which I’m sure is what she would ultimately want to mate with.

Act right, lift right, get off those damn cardio machines ladies!!

You were lied to all these years, it’s not about weight AT ALL

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Sore Elbows, Kinky Necks and A Great SMR Tool!

For a few months now I’ve been aggravated by some recurring elbow pain. At its worst mid-exercise it will shoot a pretty nasty nerve pain up or down my arm. I am just currently digging through Eric Cressey’s fantastic blog series on elbow pain but I thought I’d offer my own “quick-fix” solution and include a unique self myofascial release (SMR) product review while I’m at it.

While I’ve already pretty much reviewed The Trigger Wheel  in my huge SMR product market review blog, I have yet to put to video a demonstration of how I truly use this item.

So let me ask you…do you have elbow & wrist flexors so tight they’re claiming you look like T-Rex?

Or worse, that your ILS (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) is close to incurable?

Do you ever wake up with a stiff neck for no real reason?

I have a solution for you: The Trigger Wheel.

This product is extremely well made, it’s going to last forever and let me tell you when you have one of these minor but painful problems, this product can be a miracle worker. Seriously, if you have a desk job, you need this. If you lift heavy sh*t often, you need this. If you have “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow” or…

“Palmela Handerson elbow”

…you need this. If your spouse sucks at giving massages or perhaps they fall into 5 minute-massage-man category (usually being stopped because he has no interest in doing it so he just digs so hard you want him to stop)… you need this.

Give it to your spouse, put them on a 5 minute timer; GIVE THEM LOTS OF FEEDBACK DURING as not to hurt you. “C’mon honey, I promise, just a five-minute massage; that’s all my back, traps, and neck need.” If they can’t give you 5 minutes you have bigger problems.

The other beauty of this product is that the person administering the massage (be it you or your spouse), they won’t get overly tired doing the job either. That’s why they advertise The Trigger Wheel as “the tireless thumb!”

Best $25 I’ve ever spent!! No SMR junkie is complete without one!

Wanna see it in action?

Watch this informative 10 minute video on how I use The Trigger Wheel: