Why You Don’t Have What You Want of This Life

*disclaimer: yes, unfortunately I have to start this blog this way. This blog isn’t going to be my normal. This isn’t going to be about fat loss, or maybe it is. It isn’t going to be about why you should exercise, or maybe it will be. But I need you to hear me on one thing: I am no guru, I am no saint, I can be hypocritical, and there are times you should just take my verbal advice at face value, not on my own actions… This is simply a, hmmmmm, story I’d like to share with some friends. The concept here has begun to and will drastically shape my life; it may yours as well, or it might not.

In about a month I’ll be turning 35. I don’t hang around any teenagers so I don’t hear them claiming that as old. It’s quite the opposite; I’m around a bunch of 50+ year olds so often it makes me realize how young 35 can actually be.

I’ve been a people watcher my whole life. I’ve always sought to study why we tick. As an introvert and loner per se I’ve never had anyone around me ask the hard questions like “what are you doing with your life?” “What do you think your purpose is?” “Are you truly joyful about the life you lead?” So I had to ask myself instead. And I ask a zillion questions ALL-THE-TIME!

Imaginary Foundation Unfolding

I also happen to run a business and career completely centered on one idea: “I WANT…” People come to me with I want _____, I want _____ or share their life stories about how they are working towards their I want….

So I have a question for you, WHY? Why do you not lead the life you dream of? Why are you not in the shape mentally or physically or financially or socially or whatever that you desire and long for deep down?

I mean seriously, consider that question. You’ll face an onslaught of information slapping you upside your dome. And likely, as usual, you’ll quiet it all back down and leave it for a “better time” to get to heart of the matter.

Step 1: Why We Can’t Sort Out All the Data

If you were going to live the life of your dreams and I’m not talking about the bullshit about how you want to win the lottery and never have to work for you a**hole of a boss again, I’m talking about the life you control (if you are actually in control?), it would have to start somewhere. And somewhere comes down to collecting some bits of data.

  • Who am I? Am I happy with this version of myself? I was recently in a heated discussion with someone about this and I stated that for myself it comes down to one thing: when I lay my head down on my pillow and say goodnight to this reality, if I didn’t wake in the morning, would I be pleased with how I’ve done it this far. Since I was 25ish, the answer has always been yes. And I asked her that question and she went blank, empty. You’re going to have to get to know who you are if you’re ever to figure out how to get the life that person wants to live.
  • What are my faults, what are faults others would say I have standing in my way from the ultimate life? What habits have I formed, good or bad? What outside factors weight in on and shape how I act?
  • What resources do I require to build the life I dream of? Maybe that’s education to work the career you want. Maybe that’s finances in place so you can invest in something. Maybe it’s a social network and family system that supports you where needed. Resources can be information, money, people or enlightenment.

Now a smart person would start making a giant list of all of that. Sort stuff into neat columns, prioritize and group common pieces together.

Nope, they actually wouldn’t. That’s a complete recipe for disaster. Mind as well go bury yourself in an avalanche.

This reminds me of a favored part of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography (shortly into part 2) where he speaks of virtues and trying to work on the one you feel needed the most attention in correction/maintaining for a short period of time and them moving to the next biggest challenge. He would make a chart and keep it visual daily to assess his self-work on virtues he felt would make his life’s quality more profound. When I read this book in my teens I always felt this would be a grand checks and balances sort of life to live.

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography Temperance Daily Check

No one’s got time for that nonsense these days! (Though I really wish I would make time for it)

Trust me, somewhere deep inside your noggin and/or your heart you already know all the answers to those questions above. So let’s move on.


Step 2) The Devil’s In the Detail

You know how psychologists, counselors and the sort really don’t dispense advice. It’s actually not their job at all. Their main job is to help you discover the advice from within. You ever notice how when you get someone to talk about their troubles long enough they eventually get sick of running in the same mental circle and come to their own solutions. It’s a beautiful thing. More often than not you are already saying aloud, “Ugh, I wish I would just/just stop doing _________”


So again, you already have the answers. Maybe you’re just not listening to yourself and those around you that love you for real where they want you to realize all the joy life has to offer.

Step 3) The Needle in the Haystack

Our lives are so detail orientated. We are so proud to put “Great multi-tasker!” on our resumes. We can watch TV, play Angry Birds on our cell phone and carry on a conversation with the person on the couch beside ALL at the same time. Just endlessly absorbing and consuming information and signals…

So when something is awry, we go hunting down that smallest of reasons as to the root cause of it all. And when I find it, then I’ll change it, get rid of it, reverse it, flush it down the toilet. All will then be right in the world! Right?

How old are you? Do you have the life you dream of? If not, I’m here to tell you the needle in the haystack isn’t the problem.

The giant fcukin haystack sitting in the middle of your living room is the problem! And you aren’t solving that equation. I will be as bold as to state: this is the reason you do not have what you want of your life.

5 Things, But Only 1 Matters

Anyone I’ve had this conversation with over the last couple years I’ve been able to get them to tell me 5 big things they feel they would need to do or would need to have happen so they could achieve the life they desire.

Each time, of those 5, there are 4 they will get energetic, emotionally charged (positive or negative) and start rambling on about why those things are the big ones.

But there is one, or perhaps the root cause of that one, that is where I’m trying to direct your attention to.

What if I told you that 80% of the reason you don’t have the life of your dreams was due to one basic, simple thing? 80% is a pretty big number, I know. Everyone’s THING is different.


What if you didn’t procrastinate all the time? What if you had the fitness level you desire and along with that came a positive body image? What if you could just stop slandering yourself all the time, putting yourself down endlessly? What if you could drop the fear in saying what you really thought in your mind to those that supposedly love you and support you? What if you got rid of all the toxic people in your life? What if you spent your money better? What would happen if I wasn’t capable of complaining ever again? What if you stopped sleeping in all the time or going to bed so darn late? What if you never drank or did drugs again; you can party and enjoy yourself without that stuff, can’t you? At least sometimes? What if you could treat her the way she deserves? And not forget about our partner as we venture along our own journey? What if you could risk, without worrying and doubting yourself, spinning your wheels over every, “but what if…”? What if I stopped relying on people and instead became self-sufficient? What if instead of worrying about your heart being slaughtered to bits like the last time(s) you gave loving another human another go around? What would happen if you put your television in a closet for a year and forced yourself to unplug from every other electronic for at least 2 hours every day (no, it doesn’t count when you’re sleeping)? What if you always ate food that was good for you and made you feel good?

 Food vs Fat

Those are the big ones I see most of the time. It is by all means not a complete list. If you’re completely lost as to what your THING is, ask 10 people around you for the brutal truth in regarding your “faults that hold me back from achieving what I say I want of my life.” Just don’t be offended by what they say. Brutal truth only.


Here’s What I’m Trying To Tell You

There’s one thing standing in your way from the life you dream of. Only one thing. I promise you, once you begin that battle with yourself over it, start making improvements and realizing what I’m saying (again, this is simply a personal belief system) you find so much incredible energy and joy and the frustrations, angst and stresses of your life will turn down in volume to a nice little hum in the background. Of course, there’s going to then become a completely different challenge in front of you. But worry about that later. Or better yet, forget I just told you that.

75-90% of the people I’ve met in my life are unhappy with how their life is currently or the fullness, richness and joy it contains. The 10% I’ve met, known or read of, they faced that one thing and generally speaking they did it alone. They conquered that demon for themselves. We all have small joys, successes, things that make our lives happy. But I mean those people who absolutely, completely and wholly ADORE their lives. How many of those people have you known throughout your life?


Work Ethic

What About 35 Year Old Me?

Man, if I went and listed all of my problems, stresses, challenges, desires, wants…

That’s exhausting just to think about get started on that. Why don’t I have a Lamborghini? (I don’t actually care about that) Why do I have financial stress? Why do I have discord with anyone around me? Why, despite, truly loving the character I’ve built myself to be in my life, am I still writing this for you and me?

What’s my THING you might ask?


The mismanagement, lack of, disorganization, poor quality at times, inconsistency and any other eight syllable word you can think of pertaining to: SLEEP.

Night Owl

Every reason I can think of as to why I don’t have ___ that I want in or of my life is because of this or that, but I can pretty much trace it all back to sleep.

So why can’t I simply go to bed on time, wake at the same time, improve the quality of my sleep, be more consistent? Any time I have worked to do so the quality and joy in my life profoundly improved in a blink of an eye.

IF Stardust

I couldn’t wake today, I was exhausted, had a really crappy sleep. It led to me cancelling a session on a new client which is a shitty way to start a professional relationship. It also runs down my system. I had a brutal workout that I simply couldn’t seem to wake up (despite 300mg+ of stimulants). I’m very fortunate though, I have some amazing clients that bring me joy in the interactions we have the fun I get to make of them as they whine about how gorgeous we’re making their body. I was done work 10 hours later, as a business owner I had about 3 hours of work to complete after that (cleaning, texting, scheduling, writing programs). I have to be back at work in less than 7 hours from right now (it’s midnight and I’m nowhere near tired) and here I am blathering on about some esoteric nonsense.

But am I happy with the bulk of my life? Will I rest my head on my pillow tonight and should I never wake again, will I regret anything?

I like where I am right now. I am fond of writing “I am blessed in this life, no question.” It’s always true.

But the life I dream of would mean conquering (not destroying) this insane night owl, working with my >8pm bipolar introvert frequent coup-de-tat to not steal or trade this moment for the future promise of better tomorrows.

When I am ready, when you are ready to conquer and work for that life you dream of, you will. But when you are ready, just know, there’s only ONE THING standing in your way, and focusing on any other detail will lead to utter failure. It always has.

IF Dream Large

{Adrian now steps off his soapbox and hopefully heads to bed shortly}

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Fat Loss: The Be All, End All Formula – Part 4/4

For those of you who’ve made it this far down the rabbit hole, I applaud you. While it may have only been an hour of your time to read all four parts of this series, it’s taken me about 20 hours to write, edit, jazz-it-up. That same amount of time would be required of you to heed my advice, be that investigating the hyperlinks or doing some of the tasks suggested thus far.


If you haven’t done all that reading and work yet, get to it because this won’t make much sense without it:

Part 1 – Introduction to “The Formula”, NEPA/NEAT and the importance of moving!

Part 2 – Muscle Training, Cardio Training Part 1/2

Part 3 – Cardio Training Part 2/2, De-stressing & Sleep


Let’s check in on that formula again:

(Adequate NEPA/NEAT) + (Adequate + Appropriate Muscle Training) + (Adequate vs Appropriate – Excessive Cardiovascular Training) + (De-stressing your life + Adequate Quality Sleep) + (Adequate but Appropriate Goal Based Nutrition) = FAT LOSS


So far I’ve also been preaching this:

High Amount of NEPA/NEAT > Muscle Training > Cardiovascular Training

Basically what I’m saying above is in your quest for lower body fat levels, your NEPA (non-exercise physical activity/how much you move in a day) is more important than how much weight lifting/resistance training you do and both of those are far more important than how much time you spend running while staring at a wall in front of you; I don’t care how fancy the machine is at your gym, the human body is a better machine, so freaking move it around more!


I now need to make an adjustment for the final detail:

Adequate/Appropriate Goal Based Nutrition = High Amount of NEPA/NEAT > Muscle Training > Cardiovascular Training

Get Fit In The Gym Lose Weight In the Kitchen

If there is a holy gospel to fat loss, the above pic is it!

Detail #4Adequate but Appropriate Goal Based Nutrition

I’ve been at my career for over 7 years now. There’s one thing I see time and time again: change. Here’s the thing, I can always tell when a client has done something positive in their nutrition habits. The effect is pretty much immediate: less inflammation in the gut so the pooch belly is less, they have more energy, they go harder in the gym and their brain is very clear and articulate.

The inverse of that is a bloaty, unhappy body and bowel system, b*%&chy mood, whiny temperament, low energy and a slooooow mind. And how likely will a body and mind forced into that position on the regular, be motivated and active in producing change?

I’ll go so far as to say that the quality of food we eat along with the kilocalories, macro and micro nutrients that it provides, finds a magical way of providing motivation or demotivation for the change we seek in all avenues of our lives. Doubt me? Go eat McDonald’s every single day 3 meals a day for a week and tell me about all the factors above. Then go back to your normal diet (which hopefully is not the same thing as McSh%ts) and see if your mood, energy and motivation changes.

McShits VS Cardio

How’s the saying go? You cannot out-train a bad diet!

But, what’s the best way to eat for fat loss?

I don’t have a perfect answer for you. And any person claiming to have THE answer is full of themselves. There are a good 1000 different diets and meal plans that can all work the same. I’ve already deeply delved into the nutrition topic in a blog post entitled: Don’t Hire a Personal Trainer for Fat Loss:


Here: https://adriancrowe.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/dont-hire-a-personal-trainer-for-fat-loss-part1/

And Here: https://adriancrowe.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/dont-hire-a-personal-trainer-for-fat-loss-part2/

*I would really suggest that if food is the detail in the formula you’re not understanding or messing up the most that you read that blog series. I wrote it with the intention of never having to cover the food topic again despite me touching on it here.


I’ve said this 100 times: if Person A lost 50lbs of fat on the Jenny Craig system; Person B lost 50lbs of fat on the Dr. Bernstein starving yourself but it’s okay because we inject you with B vitamins and make sure you don’t exercise system, or Person C lost 50lbs of fat using a personalized meal plan from my preferred nutrition dudes: Wet Wolf or Scott Abel…guess what…


They lost 50lbs of fat and that’s what matters!


I don’t care what system you choose so long as it works for you. I may have an opinion but that’s going to be clouded by bias based on my experience.


The Caveat:

Now, the likelihood of someone maintaining that fat loss is inversely related to how insane and “stupid” most fitness and health professionals feel the process was. Meaning, the more you had to suffer and starve yourself into the fat loss, good luck at maintaining it.


There are DIEts and then there are lifestyles. Bernstein is not a lifestyle unless you’re really into rollercoasters, yo-yos and possibly metabolic damage!


Let’s do this instead:

Top 5 Smart Moves for Your Nutrition:

  • Eat enough food – seriously, most women mess this up. Some dudes do too (like me). If you’re concerned about a banana, yam or plain oatmeal making you fat…you have lost control of the concept of food being healing and working for your metabolism. That’s right, you have become incapable of feeding yourself without emotion and in that case I HIGHLY suggest you work with one of the coaches I talked about earlier. How many bananas would a person have to eat to gain 10lbs of fat?? Look into the link above regarding metabolic damage.
  • Eat real food – I haven’t had a dishwashing machine in about 4 years, well that’s not true, I do have my girlfriend (sorry babe!) but I will say this about doing the dishes: how effective your fat loss is going is directly related to how many forks you have to wash. You don’t need a fork to eat cereal for breakfast. You don’t need a fork to eat a sandwich for lunch and you don’t need a fork to eat pizza for dinner. I know that sounds crazy but seriously, be on a mission to dirty as many forks as possible each week and you’ll lose weight! Paleo style eating has one thing going for it: if it was once living, had eyes or grows in the ground or on a vine/tree/bush – it’s probably real food. There are no spaghetti trees, there are no Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal plants, nor are there any tofu(ngus) vines. EAT LIKE AN ADULT IF YOU WANT FAT LOSS.
  • The more processed the further you should back away. If you are going to buy something out of a box, bag or package I have two rules: 1) you have to be able to pronounce and know what all the ingredients actually are 2) it should have less than 8 real ingredients. Take an Elevate Me protein bar (my preferred bar) for example:

Elevate Me Protein Bar Label

So it has: whey protein isolate (arguably not real food but I’ll compromise there), raisins, dates, almonds, apples, bananas, and…that’s all. Yep, check, I know what all those are.

Do you know what’s in your Quest bar? Apparently not what’s on the label.


When I was really young I distinctly remember asking my mom while she was making ‘dinner,’ “No, mom, I don’t want to eat a puppy, why are we having hot dogs!?!” Man, was I smart back then, even then I knew something was fishy; or should I say full of beef (and you do know byproducts means anus, organs, and whatever parts of the ‘ALL beef’ they want to feed you)

  • Get enough protein but not too much: If most gals stuck with 3oz (about 20g of protein) of meat and most guys stuck with 5-6oz (30-40g) every meal for 3-4 meals a day they’d be golden. Too little protein you don’t have enough satiation, struggle to grow muscle mass and are no fun at a BBQ. Too much and you risk THIS. Special circumstances (heavy training, strict dieting for a contest/fight, etc.) may warrant a change to the above but for the most part, it’s a good rule of thumb. Something to consider and try and I ask most of my clients to try it for a week is this: http://www.strengthsensei.com/the-meat-and-nut-breakfast/ If after a week on that for breaky you don’t feel better, more alert and start seeing some of the bloat in your gut go down then you’re probably eating close to this last detail:
  • Figure Out What Foods Work For You! If you’re what I call a category 2 eater (go to Part 2 of the Don’t Hire a Personal Trainer for Fat Loss to see which category you’re in), meaning you’re not ready to have someone tell you to eat 3.7oz of salmon, 2 whole brown eggs, 8 spears of asparagus and 1 teaspoon of flax oil for breakfast, then 3 hours later have 4oz of dark chicken meat with 2.4 cups of salad mix with some fancy oil for a dressing followed 3 hours later by… you get the point…


Then I ask you to draw up a big 3 column chart

The first column of the list are foods that agree with your body. Meaning when or as you eat them you are proud to be eating them, they sit well in your tummy, they don’t bloat you, and they give you energy hours later, not leaving you starving an hour later or crashing. Obviously those foods should be whole and real food.

The second column you list foods that are “neutral” to you, they don’t make you feel like a gym star, they don’t boost your energy too much nor make you crash, they don’t bloat you and they may be slightly processed or real food. Basically it’s like the meal just happened but still tides you over till your next meal or snack.

The last column are foods that just don’t agree with you, meaning they leave you bloated, gassy, low energy, craving more food less than an hour later, and set off your cravings later in your day. Now you might ask, “Why bother making a list of foods that aren’t good for you?” Because you know damn well you’re eating that stuff so make a list of ALL the stuff you have eaten in the last 6 months and sort them into the 3 columns. It’s an eye opener when you do this which I did for myself recently.


Such a list might look like this:
Good Bad Ugly Food List
It takes a bit of experimentation to get this list perfected and sometimes your tastes and gut will change depending on stress or your physical shape as well as what fruits/veggies are in season. Keep this list (along with your spouse’s list) on the fridge. When you don’t know what to make for dinner or lunches, it’s pretty simple: at least 70% of the time, eat foods that are in the first column which are foods that make you feel good and honestly feel help you lose body fat and support muscle growth. Try to keep the foods in the third column, the ones that make you look, feel and become fatter to less than 10% of your total incoming food.


A great resource for something like this is a book I suggest everyone read at least twice: How to Eat, Live and Be Healthy by Paul Chek Big eye opener this book was and whenever I feel lost with my food I go back to it.


The Top 5 Dumb-Dumb Moves Unless You Want Fat Gain


  • Starting your day with processed foods. Most processed foods are high sodium, high sugar, low fiber and low protein. So basically you’re gonna be dehydrated, bloated, energized for about 13.8minutes, crash 15 minutes later and be hungry despite plugging 400 calories into you and you’re setting off a chain of processes that will lead to bad food choices later. The other day I was in a rush, and toasted 2 Pop Tarts for breakfast as I sped out the door (I know, you’re freaking out about that right now, right! I have my own hankerings too; good thing it wasn’t a Costco sized box). It was the absolute WORST day ever, despite eating well the rest of the day. Ugh. Energy was just garbage, my brain was foggy all day, I felt gross and didn’t have a bowel movement that day (I know, TMI), my mood went south to the point where people were asking “are you, like, uh, okay dude?” come 5pm, and when I got home I was too tired and cranky to eat anything (I think I had an apple pear for dinner) which was then followed by a garbage sleep. All because I decided those tasty blueberry Pop Tarts just had to be had for breakfast. Seriously people STOP EATING SHIT FOR BREAKFAST if you really want fat loss! If it comes out of a package (unless we’re talking eggs) or a bag it doesn’t belong in your belly for breakfast.
  • Grocery shopping when you’re hungry (or should I say hangry). We should really avoid the middle isles of a grocery store to begin with but even worse if you do so when you’re hungry. I’ve said it before: BUY YOUR INTENTIONS. I’m a closet grocery cart snooper. I judge you buy what’s in your cart and it usually shows clearly in your body composition. So, make a list of groceries that you need for your intended meals or meal plan and preferably go grocery shopping right after you just ate a big, healthy meal.
  • Going far too long between meals. What’s far too long? Most of the fitness industry regurgitates “you have to eat every 3-4 hours or your muscles will disintegrate and you’ll wake up with an extra love handle.” Um, no. Again, it’s highly individualized. Some people are grazers, some prefer big meals. If I go longer than 6 hours without a meal it’s all downhill from there. What’s your time limit? Just make sure you don’t cross it.
  • Eating out at a restaurant more than once a week (this includes the lunch you didn’t pack for yourself). Meals prepped by others are based on two major things: taste and profit. Not your body composition goals and unfortunately not what’s the absolute highest quality food and source. I dare you to get the nutritional facts of your favorite dish at each restaurant you eat at. I’ve seen salads with 1400 calories!! I do have a rule though, if you’re gonna eat at a restaurant, just do it for real. Eat what you want and your next meals make sure it’s back on the bandwagon. I don’t care if you slip and fall; I care if you get back up. Stop whining to me your guilt over the Krispy Kreme you shoved down your muzzle and just get back to your meal plan.
  • Not trying the elimination diet idea. For the love of 6 packs, do yourself a big favor: try going without. Without what you might ask? I don’t care, just make it up. Challenge yourself. What do you start your day with? Take that out for a day. Put something else in there. I dare you to try going just 1 single day without any sugar (check every ingredient label). Try just 1 day without your triple-triple coffee (do plain tea instead). Go one day without meat, there are lots of non-animal protein sources. Try one day without dairy. Or wheat. Or whatever. And then try one week of that. You are hopefully going to have a long life, you’ve got some time to experiment and figure out what works best for you! You’d be surprised what a little sacrifice and abstaining could do for you and your little belly.

So, that’s it. I’m not going to be a food Nazi, I’m not going to tell you exactly what to eat (if you need that go here: Wet Wolf or Scott Abel) and stop eating like a teenager who’s been left at home for the long weekend by yourself with $100 to eat whatever you want.

Work for your fat loss. I’m sorry to disappoint but there is no other way.


The Crescendo, The Wrap Up, The Summary…whatever you wish to call it…

Way over 10,000 words later here I am, and hopefully you’ve made it all the way through all of that, the tasks to complete, the couple dozen hyperlinks, the videos to watch…the point is I’m never going to answer the question: “Adrian, how do I best lose fat?” again. That was the point of this blog.
For the attention deficit readers, here’s the gist of it:


  • Get 10,000 steps or more a day
  • Muscle training is more important than cardio but do both. Ideally 2-3 times per week with multi-joint, big strength movements along with copious unilateral work. Perform intense cardio 2-3 time per week, no more except for two x 4 week periods a year when you really need to trim down.
  • Try my “Elimination Circuit” style training for 4-6 weeks exclusively.
  • Learn about sleep, experiment with your own, improve your sleeping quarters
  • UNPLUG FROM YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES! Try 3-5 hours a couple times a week where no TV, no phone, no iPad, nothing that requires a power cord or battery is occupying your attention. And no, sleeping doesn’t count.
  • Try an isolation/floatation tank, just once. It may just drastically change your life.
  • Write out your life’s “small joys” and don’t stray too far, nor too long away from them
  • Treat your body better than you do your car, it too could use regular maintenance (chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc; whatever your fancy)
  • Eat more real, unprocessed foods that agree with your body (make a list of the ones that do and don’t) and be on a mission to dirty as many forks as possible.
  • Obey the top 5 smart moves for fat loss above and make sure you’re not slipping into the top 5 dumb-dumb moves that are piling the pounds on. If you are still lost, hire a professional which I’ve provided links to.

You’ll never perfect the details of the formula. Like so many other things in life the journey is as worthwhile as the destination. And for the love of everyone else’s ear drums, when you figure out what works best for you, don’t go preaching it as holy gospel. It works for you, let others figure what works for them. Shoot them to this blog if they lack the outline for self-discovery.


Now, get working on your near perfect version of the details within the be-all, end-all formula to your fat loss goals:

(Adequate NEPA/NEAT) + (Adequate + Appropriate Muscle Training) + (Adequate vs Appropriate – Excessive Cardiovascular Training) + (De-stressing your life + Adequate Quality Sleep) + (Adequate but Appropriate Goal Based Nutrition) = FAT LOSS

If I can help further, just holla: adrian@adriancrowe.com

Adrian Crowe Athletic Training - New Card Front (JPG) - Large

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