Shut Your Fat Lip!

My buddy would tell me to ease up, calm down and not lower myself to the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry man, I’m F’ing pissed off. And it’s rant time. If you can’t handle some language, tune out for this post, forget I got this person in me; he rarely comes out but some people asked for it.

You might not like what I have to say. Or what I have to show you!

It’s begun. The time of year for two things in the fitness industry and for health endeavors in general. Over the next two weeks those treadmills, ellipitcals and stairsteppers will become a lot more free. The line of young gangsters standing right in front of the dumbbell rack doing synchronized bicep curls endlessly for 15 sets will begin weeding out.

I guess they just didn’t get want they wanted in the 4 weeks they thought it would take:

Turns Out, You Need Hard Work But Over a Long Period of Time

Whoa, whoa, whoa; slow down. Over a long period of time? I thought I just had to work hard. Yep, son, it’s going to take YEEEARS. But I promise it’ll be worth it. In training, the adage of the journey being equally or more important and rewarding than the actual destination (end goal) holds true.

And I’m sorry girlie, yes, cardio will help take you from an apple shape to a smaller apple shape…but it ain’t going to do a damn thing about your shape. That’s what weight training is for.

I know, you’re frustrated, no one told you the truth.

The Rant

With the slacker bit over with let’s get to the other demons. The husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, “friends” and co-workers that are constantly putting you down for reaching, striving, and working for your goals of being leaner, stronger, fitter, and healthier.

You know, those fat lazy bastards or the skinny bitches who eat McD’s every day and don’t gain an ounce or lift a finger to attain the body they want, the fitness level they desire or to deal with the mounting health problems their doc keeps prescribing drugs for.

Those people gotta go, seriously, piss off and shut your fat lip!

This past week I’ve heard the plight of about a dozen of my clients about those people who are turning their support the other way on my people. So it’s time I stand up for them.

Example: {Facebook post from the most badass woman I know}: ” Went to the Boathouse last night with friends. Why is it whenever people notice that you aren’t drinking, eating the bread or ordering dessert that they look at you like you are mutant but then in the next breath tell you they don’t want to go away somewhere sunny and hot because their body isnt bathing suit ready…..well duh.”

Or the 48 year old, world’s-biggest-sweetheart-of-a-woman-I’ve-ever-met who over the past 4 months I’ve been training her, has gone from never exercising with free weights to having lost 7.8lbs on the scale (145.6lbs to 137.8lbs at 5’7″ tall) and gaining 1.23lbs of muscle. Now she came to me originally because of knee pain when she climbed stairs. Not even for weight loss but rather to stop the pain and get in better shape. As a result of her getting stronger to dial down the knee pains and then finally some smart dietary habit changes (not a diet, just cleaning up some food) she’s lost that excess body fat and gained some muscle. About two months ago she came in, ecstatic to show me her new bicep muscles. Not to show me her pants were getting loser or that her stomach had shrunk (both were happening) but to show me her muscle gain! Listen to me, this is basically like my mom, excited because she’s gotten stronger, more confident and feels the surge of energy that a small 7.8lbs of fat loss OVER 4 MONTHS (less than 2lbs/month) and she’s in less pain overall. Her family (except the real supportive, caring ones) are calling her anorexic, telling her that she’s starving herself (when she’s actually eating more every day than when I first met her) and putting her down for being happy, in less pain and super energetic instead of tired and overall, she’s just happier and more confident in who she is. You know what, if she won’t say it, I will: f*ck off. You have no right to call yourself a friend or caring family member if that’s who you’re going to be towards her and what you’re going to say.

I mean, really, I’d like to know how this 48-year-old, sweetheart of a woman doing this (which makes her happy and healthy) is somehow a bad idea:

Grrrrrrrr….. I want to smash my keyboard right now

Or how about the people who endless complain about “not having time” to workout, cook, eat right and reach for their goals of looking better and being healthier? Really, let’s talk then. Do you have a television in your house? Yes. Okay. Do you watch ANY television, regardless of type or time? Oh, you do; that’s funny. I thought you said you had no time for exercise and cooking to begin looking and feeling better. So you were lying. No? Oh, right, you were just making a choice to stay as you are, never content, forever whining about what you don’t work for. You too can just keep your lips closed from herein.

Please, try to debate with me how never missing out on Jersey Shore is better than attaining your summer body. I dare you.

My favorite are the husbands who whine about their wives going to the gym “too much this week.” HAHA. Really. Go sit down with a dude who’s wife refuses to exercise. But hey, I get you, I mean it sucks that your woman, you know the one you supposedly care about making happy, is somehow taking something away from you by going out a few hours a week to exercise or cook clean meals so that she can drop a few pounds (that she doesn’t need hanging around) and trying to make her butt look firmer and rounder, or making her tummy flatter or making her legs look harder. Yea, I can imagine how you’ll be suffering from such a thing. 99% of the time the main reason husbands and boyfriends sabotage their significant other’s progress or stomp on their efforts is because if your wife(y) changes well that might mean you have to buck up too. So it’s your lazy ass that needs to come try and keep up with your lady at the gym. Be a man and support your sexy woman. YOU DID CHOOSE HER AFTERALL – ACT LIKE IT.

I Dare You 

I’ve said it many times: most wives would leave their husbands in the ditch crying to keep up with their workouts. Women who truly workout are hardcore. Women who work for their fitness goals work harder than most men any day. Because they have to, they lack the testosterone to make it as easy as us guys have it. Hell, I can eat a whole large pizza to myself and wake up the next day like looking like it never happened. Ask your gal how that scenario works for her.

So…I dare you, WE DARE YOU, to join my client’s session. Hell, I won’t even charge you the extra person fee. C’mon, come tag along and do your wife’s, sister’s, brother’s, co-worker’s, husband’s or “friend’s” workout next time. Because if the answer is no, YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHT TO SPEAK.

Until that day comes and you learn some respect in that process: shut your fat lip!

Time for me to go meditate this silverback gorilla energy away now.

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9 comments on “Shut Your Fat Lip!

  1. Ive dealt with this for years from coworkers and family members and I have come to realize that its a degree of jealousy on their part that you are doing something for yourself and your health and you are looking and feeling so much better…. They dont want to put any effort into themselves looking better(yet they all complain that they are fat and not bathingsuit ready) Now I just smile and look at them rambling and then I tell them how I cant wait to put my bikini on and rock the summer full on with confidence!!! Girls never listen to the naesayers!!! They dont have your best interest at heart…and really they dont have their own best interest at heart either or they would be asking you for your advise and tips on what it is you are doing SO RIGHT!!!!!

  2. Ilona says:

    Agree with what you said 100%. I’ve stopped spending time with several people due to this- I can make my own choices regarding how I spend my time and what I eat, if they actively try to undermine my actions then they have no place in my life. This has had the unintentional result of leaving me surrounded by people who share my love of training and support me, or at the very least are bemused but not critical 😉

  3. Mandeep says:

    Hallelujah. Well said. Everyone who can’t get off their ass and lift so much as a finger don’t have any right to weigh in on other peoples ideas about getting fit. Everyone should stop being a bitch. And work the efffffff out.

  4. Big C says:

    Jealousy, envy, and schadenfreude – such base character traits.

    “It is not enough that I should succeed – OTHERS MUST FAIL”!!! (i.e .the exact opposite traits).

    Do your best in life, and support others as best you can.

  5. Raj says:

    Well said Adrian.

  6. This post is many truths sir. I do however like to turn it around on people that call me a fanatic and work out too much by calling them lazy and they can’t even out-lift most girls I see at the gym. Another pet peeve is the one’s who say they are dieting while they sip on pop. Or the one who has an excuse for not doing anything at all.

    “Why are you eating McDonalds today?”
    “It’s a cheat day, I need them to stay motivated”
    “Have you lost any weight yet?”
    “Do you ever work out?”
    “Yeah I do, but I hurt my bicep recently so I had to stop”
    “What’s wrong with your legs?”
    “I see multiple McDonalds bags littered in your car, I thought you only had one cheat day”
    “Well I’m not gonna start eating unless I’m working out again”
    “How does having an injured bicep prevent you working out?”
    “And how does THAT even relate to not eating properly?”

    True conversation, by the way.

    • Adrian Crowe says:

      Haha, “what’s wrong with your legs?” …pretty much should be asked of every guy. Even today I saw three dudes walk into gym and first thing they do is DB bicep curls (of course, none of them doing with full range of motion either) and then a little whatever of this, whatever of that and then two sets of leg press to finish it off. Sure enough they worked legs, right?

  7. Sadiq Virani says:

    lovve it!

  8. […] What if you could just stop slandering yourself all the time, putting yourself down endlessly? What if you could drop the fear in saying what you really thought in your mind to those that suppose… What if you spent your money better? What would happen if I wasn’t capable of complaining ever […]

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