Do Women Work Harder Than Men?

Go with me for a second here. You’re pumped, ready to hit a hard workout and you walk into your local commerical gym or rec center. You take a look at your workout sheet (you do have a proper program to follow, don’t you?) and then take a look around the gym. It’s 5:30pm so it’s busy this time of year and you start checking out what everyone else is doing.

Tell me what’s more impressive:

A man doing 50 perfect push ups     OR     A woman doing 10 perfect push ups

A man doing 10 perfect chin ups     OR     A woman doing 2 perfect chin ups

A man squatting 315lbs (3 plates/side) perfectly     OR

A woman squatting 135lbs (1 plate/side) perfectly

A man deadlifting 5 plates/side (495lbs) perfectly     OR

A woman deadlifting 2 plates/side (225lbs) perfectly


We know men are stronger than women on a pound for pound basis. But the above numbers represent anywhere from 2-5x more strength on the guys part yet, unless you’re a twit you chose the woman being more impressive in every circumstance above.

Pain Tolerance

They say women have a higher threshold for pain than men do. Have you every heard the story about how your aunt cut her finger off and drove herself to the hospital? Funny, because I haven’t either. But I’ve heard countless stories of men smashing thumbs off, breaking limbs and just generally dumb stuff that they take casually and sometimes don’t even go to the doctor about. When I asked my younger brother about his smoking habit and fear of getting cancer,  he literally told me: “I’ll walk it off!”

I don’t hear women doing or saying things like this.

There is that pregnancy thing though. I’ve never heard a story about a guy trying to push a watermelon-sized object out of any part of his body. And what about when us guys get sick? I’m the first to admit I’m crawling up on the couch with my blankey and expecting my woman to take care of me. “No, honey, I can’t reach the remote 2 feet away; I’m sick; It hurts (sad puppy eyes) can you get up (from the opposite side of the room) to hand it to me? Pllllleeeease. I’m really sick.”

Tough call.

I have this theory: Men have a higher pain tolerance for shit they put themselves through. Women have a higher pain tolerance for things happening to them.

What About Training?

As pathetic as some guys “workouts” may appear, I’ve never seen them doing something as sad as this level of intensity:

Do you really think that’s what’s going to help you “tone up?”

But I will tell you this, very boldly in fact. Of the 5000+ one-on-one personal training sessions I’ve led, the most hardcore and impressive were with two different WOMEN! They would easily put every guy I’ve trained (regardless of how well they may do) into the ground, begging for mercy. These two (Diane and Tara) could take anything. I mean anything. Just when you’d expect every normal person, especially any guy to be in the washroom throwing up these two would just say “what’s next?” It wasn’t that the workout wasn’t killin them, that they weren’t suffering…they just didn’t care about that, they were going to survive anything I had on my paper.

When women are trained properly, they achieve incredible results, incredible feats, and build so much confidence in themselves I cannot think of a single action, task or hobby on the planet that can even come close.

How do you train a woman properly? Well, that depends very much on the goal. It is aesthetic (looks) based? Or performance (sport) based? Building women and leaning them out for looks becomes more about focusing on shoulders, postural muscles, the stomach and the hip/thigh area. When training a woman for sport it becomes about building raw strength, explosiveness and capability with bodyweight movements (chin ups, dips, push ups, core/abs, and unilateral leg movements). This was a great article by Rachel Cosgrove talking about the subject of women’s training.

Check out Tara and Tarah hitting their latest program in these three videos:

Circuit 1:

Circuit 2:

Circuit 3:

Or our blue belt Jiu Jitsu lady Ilona hitting up her latest conditioning program:

Complex 1:

Complex 2:

You’ll see they are similar in intensity (and even some exercises) but then again my business name is Adrian Crowe Athletic Training so it would make sense that I train everyone in an athletic based manor.

I dare any guy to attempt to keep up with these women on their program rep for rep with weights appropriate to your strength level and survive. Good luck!

Women, who really train or are being trained properly work way harder than men! Hell, even my Ladies Only: Shape and Conditioning class would destroy most guys and we’ve got 50+ year old women in that class!

Still doubt me? Check this out:

Much respect ladies!

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5 comments on “Do Women Work Harder Than Men?

    • Adrian Crowe says:

      Okay! We’ll set you up to train with Ilona on her conditioning day. Let me work on scheduling the event. Video camera and puke bucket will stand ready. If any dude can hack it, it’s definitely Mr. 300 himself!

  1. Tarah Dionne says:

    I would love to see this in action!

  2. muni says:

    I’m not sure who adrian is but I do know a hitler! He’s crazy about working out and getting people to reach their fitness goals. A friend told me about Adrian but she didn’t tell me he was crazy! I would dread my workouts with him! But I do have to give it to Hitler, he will hold your hair back when your puking and will feed you an orange when your about to pass out..thanks buddy!
    I would totally recommend Adrian to anyone who is wanting to change their lives for the better. He’s great at what he does and he is very encouraging. His workouts are not easy by any means, but thats why you see the results! Adrian is a straight shooter and that’s a great quality in a trainer.
    Every workout with him was a challenge and it never got boring and it never got easy! No matter how many times you do burpee’s they still suck!

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