Yet Another Reason You’re Not Making Progress

One of the single most effective weight training programs I ever used was AST Sport Science’s Max-OT.

OT stands for OVERLOAD TRAINING. Overload being the key to muscle growth. I used this program for about 1.5 years, the longest I’ve ever stuck with any training program. Consistency was a key for sure but the simplistic nature of this program and it’s requirement to always be lifting heavier led to some weight lifting numbers I have to this day never broke, even 5 years later. I swear I will go back to this style of training one day, when I have far less time available than I currently do to workout as I really prefer long workouts and quite frankly Max-OT’s limitation of exercise selection leaves one bored within a few months. But there was that thing about making great gains to consider!

Back to the reason for this RANT. Overload is probably the single greatest factor in changing one’s body period!

What do I mean by overload, well, let’s use a more commonplace synonym: PR which stands for personal record.

What’s the heaviest bench press, squat, deadlift or any lift you’ve ever done? What’s the greatest number of push ups or pull ups or windshield wiper ab jackknife backflip clap core crunchers you have ever done? And the most important question: how long ago did that happen?

I guarantee you this: aim to reach PR’s often, across many lifts without getting injured; in fact, better that by reaching PR’s often and getting better at the movement, not just stronger…not only will you have some useless number to brag and compete with your friends about but you will surely be progressing faster than you ever have towards your long-term aesthetic goals.

There is a direct correlation between the frequency of PR’s and the speed of aesthetic progress. Want more muscle with less fat? Want people to be asking all the time, “Whoa! What have you been doing lately?” Set more PR’s!

So, what AND WHEN was the last PR you set? And what’s the next one you’re targeting?



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