You Gave Me The Power

He-Man I Have The Power
I have the power
I can destroy you
I can make you hurt
I can make you scream
I can break you
Mentally and physically
I have all the power
You do what I say
I can injure you
I can harm your athletic performance
I can neglect you
I can disrespect you
I can service you poorly
I can waste your time
I can waste your money
You could be my guinea pig, testing the weekend seminar tricks I just picked up on you next Monday (instead of mastering them myself first; the nuances are what matter)

But then again, I could also
Teach you
About you, about exercise, about this beautiful machine you own called
Your body
I can educate myself to further educate you
I can prep the best workout
For your day, your mood, your energy right now, in this instant, this rep.

I may tweak the plan for the day but there
was a plan!
And I can ask that you trust me when I say
This is good for you (because it actually is, not because I think it’s cool that my puppet client can do what I think is beastmode; see, see, see, look at me making my client do this useless exercise with poor form and too much weight, yay Facebook!)
I can make this about you (that is what you’re paying for, correct?)
I can do my job
Which quite simply is not simply provide
A great workout or training session for today
Above all else my job is to ensure
Via exercise, stretching, a little grunting and a laugh or two (okay, maybe at your expense you big wussy)
That however you walked in my door
I had and used the power to better your day, help you better yourself and have you walk out my door feeling much better than when you arrived.
It’s all trust. You never asked me about the magical pieces of paper that one would think could be the source of the strange, albeit life altering tidbits of wisdom I spew on the regular. I mean face it, you even tie your shoes differently now! The truth is I would never get those jems from any source other than experience.

And experience came from trusting I made the right choice with all this “power” I supposedly have

Not bias, not outdated information, not ego

I am not married to any specific exercise, but rather I subscribe that

the human body was designed to move, a great many ways

and it’s this I shall endeavor to help you master

Pick your personal FITNESS trainer wisely my friends, pick them wisely!

He-Man & She-Ra

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