Parking Lot Lunges SUCK – Part 1/2

I like to torture my friends. I think maybe in a past life y’all did me wrong and my karma is being able to cause you muscular pain and suffering via various exercises that no one in their right mind would ever sign up for.

I have one rule: I won’t give you any form of torture I wouldn’t put myself through. Now, I’m not talking about my clients, of course I program for their abilities appropriately and progress them whenever able. But my training partners, y’all are fair game and I keep telling you that when I suggest something stupid, like building up to 500 push ups at the end of an upper body workout (took 6 weeks to build to that and took me 39 minutes to complete it) or a bet with a friend to do the 10,000 kettlebell swings in 10 day challenge…someone is supposed to say no.

Just like I sorta leave the responsibility on my client’s shoulders to tell me no when I tell y’all I’m buying a new piece of exercise equipment that is not going to be “fun”, like the Power Wheel:

But noooo, not a single soul stopped me

Y’all just wait till I get THIS, THIS or THIS! Haha

So, let’s talk parking lot barbell walking lunges for a moment. First off, they suck, never do them. Just saying.

Had my squat-a-tron buddy roll through for a leg workout one day and he made me look like a school girl on squats like he always does so come the end of the workout it was game-on for me so I suggested we wrap it up with 45lb barbell parking lot lunges. The only caveat is my parking lot at the gym is 194 meters long (~2 football fields). When I finished I wondered to myself why that felt “easy” and muttered something about how ridiculous it would be to be able to do that with a plate a side on the barbell (135lbs).

And that’s how it started.

During the summer of 2011 I set out to reach this mentally unstable goal of the 194m x 135lb barbell parking lot lunges. I had completed up to 105lbs and the day prior to attempting 115lbs I was in a car accident which rendered the goal null and void.

When the weather came around this year, I got the spark back to achieve this goal. It’s been about 15 weeks now (I started at a broomstick, went to 30lb bar, 45lb bar, then added 10 pounds every 7-10 days) and last Sunday I hit 125lbs which for some strange reason I did faster than any weight lighter than it. Basically took me ~8 mins, 30 seconds.

Don’t believe me, just watch this:

Now, I’m not delusional, last week was some hard shit and it really destroyed me for a few days. But this Saturday I will clean that 135lbs onto my back and will attempt to complete this goal.

I promise you one thing, when it’s done, I am never, EVER going to do this again.

It’s been a long journey, I’ve learned a great deal from it and I’ll share that all in Part 2.

If I’m alive come Sunday.

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7 comments on “Parking Lot Lunges SUCK – Part 1/2

  1. ilona says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease get that powermax thing!

  2. ilona says:

    Also, you are insane.

  3. Celina says:

    Can’t wait to see how this goes….

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  5. […] to a sturdy tree while the weather is still on our side. Me, after I complete my 135lbs x 194 meter parking lot barbell walking lunge challenge, I’m going to use the time left with summer weather for my 100 yard Power Wheel […]

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