And…The Winners Are…Bloob-Allz Raffle

I wish I didn’t have to give away the extra pairs of Bloob-Allz that Joe hooked me up with for this raffle. I’d find a way to use all three pairs simultaneously, somehow. They’re that awesome!!

Unfortunately all those that entered couldn’t win but my advice: get a pair for yourself (~$30); you’ll love them!!!

The winners of a sweet pair of Bloob-Allz are:

Chris Beaulieu



If you two lucky gents could simply shoot me an email confirming your email address I have on record as well as your mailing address to I shall get your new set of Bloob-Allz into your hands ASAP.

For more info on Bloob-Allz, the best thoracic spine self myofascial release tool on the planet, see my review here or their website

Wow, just a small addition from the winners. From Shane’s email: “I just told my wife I won a contest.  She asked for what and I replied “Bloob-Allz” with no further explanation.  The look of confusion on her face was priceless.”

From Chris’ Facebook page, another priceless conversation between the most gullible gal I know and him:

Seriously, best name for a product ever!

One comment on “And…The Winners Are…Bloob-Allz Raffle

  1. torated says:

    Its Awesome Yor Rocks

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