My Ode to Leg Days (the trainer perspective)

Am reminded today that leg day used to always be a half-hearted attempt at greatness

That I knew being a Chestceptimus Prime was as unacceptable

As being a fat personal trainer

Or being too skinny and weak

Or being incapable of motivating oneself

I couldn’t only be smart and articulate

First and foremost I can’t be a hypocrite

It took me hiring a co-worker to torture me through a weekly leg workout

For months!

They called my squats “screamers”

For that’s what it took for me to get through it

I remember literally crawling from the leg press to the hack squat

Back and forth

For evil German Volume Training


I may never be joyful for leg days

But the anxiety drives me

And when the sun comes out

The first thing I think of

Is a 194 meter parking lot barbell walking lunge adventure (today that was 178 lunges)

And the unknown, if I’ll make it with the next increase on the bar


Where there’s fear, there’s angst

And angst with the right tools

Becomes a fear conquered!


Note: last year I made a stupid goal of hitting a 135lb lunge adventure of the parking lot. I was on track for it and then ended up in a car accident that stopped me in my tracks. Here was the best I hit last year (105lbs):  I will hit 135 this summer. Along with the other mental goal of Power Wheel croc walking a football field such as this superstar:


Why not.

Anyone wanna join me?

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7 comments on “My Ode to Leg Days (the trainer perspective)

  1. elisha says:

    Hell yes! Power wheel watch out! Lunges maybe only 20lbs :p can’t wait!

  2. Ill take that lunge challenge with you. I am coming back from a ACL/Meniscus surgery in decemeber. So maybe ill hit that mark byt the end of the summer but it will happen.

    • Adrian Crowe says:

      If there’s anyone on point enough to do it, it you two monsters at Everyday Athlete!! I know walking lunges are not the greatest on the knees so I will be doing a lot of corrective, VMO specific and other single leg work to weather the goal during the process. I’m also going to video the whole adventure.

  3. Tarah says:

    Haha lets give it round two my love! You crazy man you!

  4. rajbirm says:

    umm…I’ll do anything once & if I live through it, I’ll do it again 🙂

  5. […] the weather came around this year, I got the spark back to achieve this goal. It’s been about 15 weeks now (I started at a broomstick, went to […]

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