The Dietary Secret Weapon!

A great many times when new clients are referred to me they come equipped with plenty of questions. “How many times should I workout, or do cardio each week?” “What should I eat?” “Should I go low-carb?” “Is it okay if I _____?”

I’ve talked about the decision-making process quite a few times and that contemplation change into the action stage is generally when I get contacted and hired.

People are anxious for results, they want them yesterday! They’re now willing to eat zero junk, sleep more, stress less, workout all the time and be perfect….from now until infinity and beyond!

Hold your horses!

Now, I don’t mean to stomp on anyone’s parade but I’ve been through this a few times with a few folks and you need some reality sewn into this plan of yours.

I was recently asked to describe my training style or approach with new clients:

1) Assess their needs and determine a course of action (consult)

2) Book training appointments

3) Begin training (possibly with movement pattern assessment)

4) Continue training (you’d think I wouldn’t need to say this but there are a ton of stop/start clients I’ve worked with)

5) Discuss diet after client gets used to regular training (about 2-4 weeks)


You probably thought I’d get on the diet thing sooner. Certainly, I should be overhauling the complete nutrition protocol that has led this person to their weight gain and un-health? Sometimes, that’s true. Most times, however, I don’t go that way.

I’m not a dietician. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a chef. I’m a personal fitness trainer. So 90% of my job is to teach you about working out and exercising. In fact, one could very much argue that me teaching anything that falls outside of the Canadian Food Pyramid would fall outside my scope of practice as a personal trainer. But that would be lazy on my part.

Here’s the conundrum of the expert’s opinion of eating 5-12 servings of grains: if you wish to look like a pyramid, meaning fat and bottom heavy, then go ahead, eat the typical food pyramid’s suggestion.  If you wish to look lean, built and strong, well let’s just say:

A Healthy Outside Starts With A Healthy Inside!

When I finally get around to the dietary discussions of a client’s journey, the first question I always ask is “what do you eat for breakfast?” Seems to make common sense, to me, as it’s the first meal of the day and if you can’t get that one “right” then it would be mighty tough to get the rest of it right. Personally, I love and suggest The Ultimate Breakfast. The other option is the meat and nuts route.

The Ultimate Breakfast 

Next I have clients journal their 3 day food intake. This generally serves to show them where they’re putting the garbage in. It also allows me to see where they are going to look in activity and running too low on fuel (food). Lastly, it shows whether they are priming the workout window.

From there I move onto suggestions, tips and tricks that will help. If someone is hell-bent on a full-out diet plan I quite simply refer out to smarter people than I in that department, namely Wet Wolf or Scott Abel.

The main tip or trick I have is to get the client to increase their fiber intake. Even before I suggest upping protein intake (if needed). Fiber cleans out the system, keeps it running quickly, clog free, lower in toxins and has this beautiful little effect of lowering the insulin response of incoming food: which greatly leads to fat loss long-term! In fact, the more stable you can keep your blood sugar, the faster this exercise torture I’m putting you through will lead to you leaning out.

There’s two ways I go about this:

1) 1-2 Ziplock “sandwich” sized baggies of chopped, raw veggies eaten each day as snacks (mid-morning, mid afternoon). Personally, I love red, orange and yellow bell peppers, cherry/grape tomatos and English cucumbers. But anything raw goes. Don’t murder my suggestion with veggie dip.

2) The suggestion of a product called NutraCleanse, which I included in The Ultimate Breakfast.

The Dietary Secret Weapon 

I’ve always liked ground flax. It’s always agreed with me. Psyllium (the type of fiber used in the Metamucil product) is a little more course and I just could never get into using Metamucil regularly. Dandelion and fenugreek I’ve read a bit about their detoxifying and “cleansing” properties. NutraCleanse is real food, it’s organic and natural, tastes as most any other ground flax products out there do and I can’t say enough good stuff about it; nor can my clients and friends who are hooked on it.

The product’s claims to benefits are wide-spread and I’ve seen quite a few of them first hand:

But there was one benefit in particular that’s really hit me more than the others and it was from a client who came into the gym one day, ripped off her jacket, turned sideways and proclaimed “LOOK!”

I did a double take: her stomach had disappeared. Here is a female client who’s been working her ass off for about 6-8 months and seeing consistent results but that stubborn “poochy” belly fat area was just poof, shrunk. And it wasn’t my skills. Not even close.

She simply told me about her adding a fiber product into her diet for the past two months, coincidently called NutraCleanse! I told her that my gal and I just started using it as well. Well, immediately after that we had to give some samples we picked up to my gal’s mom who has the same “problem.” And sure enough, slow and surely, the stomach keeps coming down. That and colon issues run in the family so this product in the diet just makes good sense!

Now, I can’t explain why it’s so hard for some 40-year-old+ ladies to lose that stubborn front belly fat but I know that the increase in fiber, such as from the addition of the flax/psyllium and 3 detox herb combo found in NutraCleanse has done some pretty impressive stuff.

I love it myself, I can’t rave enough about it. I love how “regular” it leaves me even though I’ve never had a problem there. You’ll just feel more satisfied in that way. Enough said on that topic.


Okay, so what’s in this stuff?

All-natural and organic: ground flax seed, ground pysllium husks, dandelion root powder, burdock root powder, fenugreek seed powder.

That’s it. Nothing artificial. It’s food. It tastes good.

I’ll have others chime in about their results seen with this fantastic product as well as have them tell you how they take it, as there is a dozen different ways if my Ultimate Breakfast isn’t for you.

Try It Out! If You Love It, Pick It Up!

NutraCleanse can be found in many nutrition, grocery and supplement shops across the lower mainland. The company is actually out in Mission, BC (so we’re supporting a local company). Like many food products I love I just got sick of making the trip elsewhere to pick up a product, let alone telling everyone else to go to other stores to go hunt it down, some being unable to locate. So I made the executive decision that it made sense for me to become a merchant and sell the product direct to my clients, family and friends. I’ll save you the gas.

But don’t take my word for it. You have to try it for 3-5 days to know if it’s for you.

So come see me for your FREE SAMPLE PACK!

If you love the product as much as the rest of us do, bags are $28 for 1 or $50 ($25 a piece) for 2. A bag at the 1/3 cup suggested daily intake will last you a month. Personally, I only eat 1/4 cup a day, does me fine and the bag lasts me longer. Between my gal and I, we go through 1.5 bags a month.

Check the NutraCleanse website for more info:

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    Nice blog, I’m on diet research, thank for sharing weight loss


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