The Big Reset Button

Don’t you wish you could just do something that took your aches, pains, and general “got my ass kicked” type body-funk and just get a huge reset? BANG – 60-100% better instantly!

Now, I’m not a genie in a bottle. I can’t grant you three wishes. Over time I can make your butt perky, your spare tire disappear and make you perform better in your sport…but that takes time and who the hell wants to take time to feel better? We want it NOW! Or yesterday in fact.

I’ve already told you about how to dial down your muscle aches and pains by about 50% in 30 minutes here. But what about the middle of your day when you’re feeling the stress accumulating, the energy tanking and your mood going right foul?

You, my friend, are in need of an adrenal reset.

The Big Adrenal Reset

Anyone who’s ever faced adrenal fatigue (show of hands; I’ll put four up for me) will know how bad that decline of mood and energy can be come mid-day. It feels like your old laptop battery that no matter how long you charge it up for and no matter how much it tries to tell you the battery is full…it still dies every 15 minutes!

The adrenal glands play a big part in energy production and a whack of hormonal processes. If you want to learn more about that I suggest you read Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by J. Wilson as it taught me a lot about how to manage and bounce back from this condition.

But, here’s the thing, whether you are facing this condition or not, it doesn’t matter; everyone can benefit and feel better by one simple trick:

Mid-day, lay down for 10-20 minutes, preferably in the dark, preferably on your back

BUT don’t fall asleep. Set an alarm just in case you doze off which is fine, you just don’t want to pass out too long where you end up messing up your sleeping patterns for the evening.

20 minutes on your back, preferably in the dark (I prefer knees bent as well) will do some miraculous things for how you feel for the rest of your day.

Now, it’s pretty simple for me to do. Between clients just lay on the floor in the gym, close my eyes and bang when I sit up 20 minutes later it’s almost as rewarding as sleeping a solid 8 hours. For me, it’s a complete reset so I may face the 2nd half of my day. It can be tough for those at a desk job or other situations. If it’s not too cold, go lay down in the back seat of your car. If your office has a first aid room with a bed, go use that. Or be the weirdo in the cubicle who spends half his lunch on his back with a pillow. You were sleeping half the day anyway…

If I’m particularly stressed I will even lay on my 36″ round foam roller (posture reset: video link of this at bottom of article) for 5 minutes, then slide off and finish the other 5-15 just on the ground.

Throw your iPod on if you find the noise around you distracting.

 What about the end of the day. You’re tired. Bitchy. Sore. Everything hurts and feels like garbage. You wanna go to bed and forget the epsom salt bath, you got no time to run it, be in the bath, you don’t think you could just chill out for 30 minutes anyway without getting antsy and then you have to dry off and you ladies with long hair that sucks to go to bed when wet….okay, okay; I get it.

Can you give me 3-5 minutes?

Let’s talk:

The Big Posture Reset

Gravity sucks. Your posture at the end of your long day sucks. And aside from us crazy few, the last thing you’re longing to do right before bed it hop on your Rumble Roller and go at it for 20 minutes. It just sounds painful. And my day was painful enough.

You sure you don’t wanna play with me??

C’mon, just a couple of rounds on the IT Band for giggles!

I want you to watch this video. I talk about how, why and what to take your beat-up, tired, personal trainer-tortured body and do a near complete posture reset right before bed so you sleep better, wake with a better posture with less aches and pains and well…stand up straighter. You were taller and cooler 10 years ago. I can’t help your inner-dork. But taller, that I can do something about.

The complete posture reset: gimme 3-5 minutes, every night for a week and guaranteed you’ll feel a lot better!

Go watch the 10 minute video here:

There are times you just need to dial down the pain, the aches, the frustration and bring yourself back to life. Your posture, your adrenal glands and everyone around you, grumpy pants, will thank you!

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