You’re Going To Fall Down

It’s definitely January. The gym is twice as busy, my schedule was literally 6am to 9pm today with 2 x 45 minute breaks for food. Tomorrow and Friday aren’t much different. But holy wow, do I have ideas or what!!

My problem is time. And energy. But let’s talk about your problem soon to be facing you: the trip, the slip, the plummet and your reaction.

Short (horrifying) story: When I was a teen my aunt brought my 3-year-old cousin over to visit at my grandma’s house. She needed to take a nap so she crashed in the spare room’s bed. My aunt asked me to go wake her and bring her downstairs. Now this is a 20+ stair carpeted staircase. My cousin was obviously very sleepy after her nap and I was walking behind her, she did grab the railing but missed a step and proceeded to tumble-down the entire staircase: head first. It all happened so fast all I really remember was her flying down the stairs like a Raggedy Ann Doll. It was so scary.

When she finished her tumble, being that she was so sleepy, she really didn’t know how to respond; nor did I. I simply flew down the stairs. Now her mom, my grandma and me all ran towards her with this deathly look of fear….that’s when the crying happened. But right before she started crying (and luckily she wasn’t seriously hurt) there was this look of confusion as to how to respond to such an event. It reminds me that maybe we have a choice in how we respond to bad situations.

And with this crazy time of year and everyone so motivated to change I want to talk about 2 things:

  1. Clearly I shouldn’t babysit your kids, so don’t ask
  2. You’re going to fall down, slip up, screw up, mess up, let yourself down, etc, etc…but how you react will govern the level of your success

So while you’re in this highly motivated state I need y’all to start thinking ahead of time on how you’re going to react when you do take the one step backward.

Do you:

A) Analyze how it happened in-depth to ensure it doesn’t happen again

B) Swear, curse, blame others, get down on yourself, call yourself a complete failure and give up

C) Bounce off the ground as graceful as possible, pretend it never happened and just keep trucking along

Now, answer B sounds stupid, obviously; how funny we see it happen so often though. But I think a lot of the time if we just spent more time reacting like answer C we’d be A LOT better off and a lot further ahead of our LONG TERM goals if we didn’t stop to overanalyze everything.

Learn, grow, become better. I’m not saying that isn’t vital.

Just do it without losing too much momentum. Half of all success is momentum!


You’re going to fall down, my friends. Get back up. We got work to do!


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One comment on “You’re Going To Fall Down

  1. Raj says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!!

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