Ladies Only Class Expansion – Begins Tuesday, Jan 17th

For those who don’t already know I’ve been running a Ladies Only: Shape & Conditioning class every Saturday from 8:15-9:30am since last April. I have to say, it’s become one of my favored parts of my week. These ladies are awesome. Some I train other times in the week as one-on-one session clients and others I only see when they come to do the class with me. In my opinion, there could not possibly be a better way for you ladies to kick off the weekend than this ass-kicking workout!
BUT…and this has been the big complication for most since day 1: the time. Some of you work early Saturday mornings. Some of you treasure sleeping in that day more than getting in a great workout. Some of you are in rough shape come Saturday morning from the previous night’s adventures. I get that. I knew right from the start it would only ever be a small group of ladies (typically 6-12) who could make it week in and week out to the early Saturday classes.
The additional two class times will be:
Tuesday: 8:15-9pm (9:15pm with cool down stretches)
Wednesday: 6-7pm (with cool down stretches)
Exactly what are these classes? Well, that’s where I’ve put some serious thought into how most of your current workout schedules seem to work, as well as your eating habits, motivational levels, energy levels, etc. What makes the most sense is to have these classes be entirely different from each other.
Saturday classes will remain about Shaping the body. I’m taking making what you want smaller, made smaller. What you want made tighter, made tighter. What you want to have more bubbly, made more bootyful. The current format will stay and I will continue to change the exercises every 4 weeks. It’s been working for the past 8 months extremely well so I’m not going to mess with it.
Tuesday class will be all about Burning! All I care about is that your heart rate is high, you’re sweating, you’re breathing heavy, you’re feeling the burn and we’re boosting your metabolism for the rest of the week! Plus, this is generally everyone’s high motivation day so a positive step in that direction come Tuesday will keep you going for the rest of the week.
Wednesday class will have a two-fold approach: Strength and Abs/Core – Build. As the saying goes: Strong is the new skinny! Damn right!! You’ll be pushed to your limits with what you can do. When we get into the abdominal complexes you’re going to find out really quick just where your abs are. And, as always, I do this as back-friendly as possible. Being someone who’s faced lower back pains I know better than to be ripping out 1000’s of useless crunches. I’m giving fair warning here: expect to be sore for the following days. This class will be the most difficult for beginners and it may just not be right for you (yet!). The Shaping class (Saturday) can better accommodate your fitness level if this is the case.
Costs: I’m going to keep these relatively the same but for those looking for the ultimate challenge I shall offer an even greater deal.
  • 1st timers to my class: FREE! Take the challenge, see if you like it.
  • Drop-In (for any class) $15.
  • 5 Class Punch Card $50 (Works out to only $10/class!!! Can be used for any of the classes; expires 8 weeks from date of purchase; no refund on unused classes; this is the option most choose).
  • 1 Month Unlimited Pass: $115 (expires 1 month from date of purchase regardless of use). On average there are 13 classes in a month (4.357 weeks/month x 3 classes/week = 13) so a monthly pass works out to only $8.85/class.
I challenge you to find a better, less expensive class! There are no drop in fees at Suitela Fight Club for those taking my classes (normally $20; rec centers charge $5-8) and most specialty classes at the big box gyms and rec centers have a $5-15 drop in rate on top of membership rates.

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