Top 10 YouTube Videos on ACAthleticTraining’s Channel

YouTube may just be the most incredible thing on the internet right now. The sheer volume of videos created daily and the amount and sort of information you can run across is mind-boggling. My pebble in the ocean since going online 3.5 months ago has amounted to a total of 119 uploaded videos which a combined total of over 11,500 views and now (thanks near entirely to the man – Big C!) sitting at 430 subscribers.

But what were the top 10 viewed videos on my channel you ask? Here you go:

1. Why You Should Drop a Deadlift – 833 views – I was sitting around 300 views before this exposure piece went out. Thank again, Nick!! The subject is important for anyone undertaking heavy deadlifting.

2. Big C Goes Diesel – Workout Finisher: Decline Push Ups & Inverted Rows – 746 views – This one is a killer for sure!

3. Big C Goes Diesel – Escalating Density Training – Leg Day – Round 2 – 614 views – You’d think that watching some dude go back and forth between forward lunges and stability ball hamstring curls for 15 minutes straight would be boring. But nothing with the super comedian Big C is ever boring.

4. Ilona – Jiu Jitsu Strength Training – Gi Gripped Cable Crunch – 534 views – Okay so let’s see, cute girl, pink shirt, pigtail hair do, and she’s on her knees? Apparently someone is hitting replay A LOT OF TIMES! There will be a lot more of Ilona and her training videos as she preps for taking over the Jiu Jitsu world this coming year!

5. 15 Tabata Exercise Samples – 274 views – This makes sense, Tabata’s rock!! I mean suck. I mean, they work. Ah, forget it. It’s 4 minutes of hell, and it’s hella effective. If you’re really crazy and want the jump on fast fat loss this month try doing one Tabata in the morning and another later that same evening every day for a month! I challenge you that! Keep changing the exercises as not to always work the same muscle groups.

6. Ilona – Strength & Conditioning for Jiu Jitsu – Complex 1 – 228 views – We put out a dare for anyone to match her doing this workout. It’s yet to be matched.

7. 30 Minute Push Up/Chest Destruction & Leg Mobility Circuit – 227 views – Looking to absolutely destroy your chest, abs (I think the ab pain the next day is worse than the chest pain) and to sneak in some volume for those chicken legs? This it the challenge I have for you!!

8. November 2011 – At Home Metabolic Circuit for Guys – 226 views – Can’t get to the gym, can’t afford P90X, can’t be bothered leaving your house to workout. Who cares, do this, it’s a great challenge especially for the chest and abs! And just because it says it’s for guys doesn’t mean the hardcore ladies out there can’t do it!!

9. Big C Goes Diesel – Strength & Coordination Quadplex – 209 views – Listen: bicep curls are mindless. Treadmill cardio is mindless. Try coordinated movements for an entire workout and you’ll sweat like you can’t possibly imagine! Plus Big C and I together are comedic crime-fighting duo…or so we think.

10. Parisi Speed School (slightly modified) Warm Up – 205 views – The warm up that is a workout in and of itself. The first time I did this warm up with my buddy out in a field I remember we just looked at each other and acknowledged that was hard enough for the day and any plans of working out afterward were cancelled. But I love this warm up sequence. I use it for my ladies class on Saturdays and even just doing it that once a week I realize it acts as a great marker as to whether my mobility, flexibility and body awareness are increasing, decreasing or maintaining. This video is a great resource for other trainers looking to pick up some new exercises to add to their warm up protocol. It’s fantastic, like all the other Parisi Speed School products.

There you have it. The top 10 videos I’ve produced this year. I will say the videos I’m most happy about putting out where #1 as well as this one and this series (the complete How To do Self Myofascial Release). Enjoy!



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