Top 10 Blog Entries of 2011 by Adrian Crowe

The stats are in and I’m ecstatic about them!! Only 3.5months online, just under 50 blog entries in that time and 3800 total blog views (just under 2100 in December alone)!!

What were the top 10 according to the stats?

1. Self Myofascial Release – Part 2 – How To, Why To – 600 views. A huge thanks go to coach Nick Tumminello for the exposure here which alone produced 311 referrals to the blog. This subject which included 1.5 hours total of instruction videos took the most amount of time to produce so I’m happy it turned out number 1.

2. Self Myofascial Release – Part 1 – Complete Market Product Review  – 358 views – This blog entry took forever to write-up. But I’ve yet to run across another that covers it all this way. I get a ton of Google searches from people looking at reviews to decide which SMR product is best for their needs. I actually have a Part 3 coming soon! Stay tuned.

3. Your Not An Angel – 156 views – This surprises me as showing up as number 3. Now, I did link it well in other blog entries (including #1 on this list) as the subject of scapula posturing is very important and I feel the face pull exercise is a great go-to for helping to correct the problem. If you’ve not checked out the blog or the video, you have to watch the video of how I demonstrate how to fix your posture in one single movement (finger on the sternum…)

4. 15 Different Cardio Styles That Actually Work – 143 views – I’m glad this one got some attention. As we approach the New Year and the cardio fest to burn the 3-10lbs you packed on this past month you may want to peep this list for some effective choices with your time. One hint of wisdom – weight training is equally, if not more important long-term than cardio for weight loss!!

5. Life Altering Wisdom (“If something is important, do it every day”) – Part 3 – 112 views – This series is about half complete (working on #15/26 right now) but apparently the idea of taking more risks to achieve more out of life and to receive more rings home for a great deal more of us than I imagined. You need risk to achieve anything in life. Nothing is risk free.

6. My Porn – 102 views – Apparently there are some other folks into the same sorta stuff I’m into. I’m just going to leave it at that, if you dare to read this blog entry.

7. Do Women Work Harder Than Men – 92 views – Do you really question the answer to this one?

8. The Ultimate Breakfast – 79 views – As you look to improve your dietary habits this coming year, I would highly suggest the first change be the first meal of your day and this one is the ultimate!

9. Effectiveness As Easy As 1, 2 or 3? – 70 views – The message in this blog entry you need to hear at this time of year!! If you read this back in Oct, go back and reread it. The message is short and it applies to this time of year even more so!!

10. Life Altering Wisdom (“If something is important, do it every day”) – Part 6 – 66 views – Apparently there are either some really smart dudes out there or some pissed off neglected women that us dudes need to smarten up with. Either way, this may have been one of my favorite entries to write of all this year.

There you have it, the top 10 blog entries I created this year. Hope you enjoy the read! Thank you, very much for tuning in!

Happy New Year!!

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2 comments on “Top 10 Blog Entries of 2011 by Adrian Crowe

  1. Leila Cole says:

    Hi – I’m always looking around for good blogs and sites relating to Active Release Techniques/Chiropractic and wellness in general. The chiropractor I see locally here uses A.R.T.and it has really helped specifically when I combine that with massage therapy. It’s hard to find a good clinic – how can you evaluate who is good and who isn’t? Other than patient reviews and such – would be nice to get a checklist or something to save lots of time with poor providers. Thanks for your time.

    • Adrian Crowe says:

      Leila, I very much thank you for such an excellent question. I discuss this so often about therapist selection that I should simply blog about the topic for you. Coming very soon!

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