Life Altering Wisdom (“If something is important, do it every day”) – Part 7

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“If something is important, do it every day” hmmmmm, what if I replaced a few words…

If you are important, do you every day

That changes a few things, doesn’t it?

And no, I’m not talking about the above

This may sound silly but I’m completely convinced every grand idea I’ve ever come up with for myself and my life came in three places:

In the shower, washing dishes or at 2am laying in the dark when I couldn’t sleep.

Know what those three have in common? They are the 3 most useless times to create action on those thoughts! So I had to learn a long time ago that the THINK→DO theory had some flaws in it. My step father when I was growing up was very much like that. I admired that of him. He’d come home from work and you’d see him sit on the couch, instantly think of something and then get up and do it.

The problem was that system didn’t work for me. I needed THINK→INTROSPECTION/INTROVERSION/PLAN/PLOT→DO. I’m also a conversation junkie. I’m constantly thinking about all the conversations I may ever possibly have with everyone in my life. Again, it’s that idea of daily introspection that I am preaching value in.

There are two things I remember daily about my high school experience:

1) My social studies teacher who said, “swearing is just making the English language colorful.” F%!@#$^ right!

2) My vice-principal who came into that same social studies class to ask us what the point of life was? Some said money, some said family, one kid said “to get high!” I just remember the seriousness and the inflection of the vice principal when he said “happiness.”

Things Worth Daily Introspection

1) The Happiness Equation – Let me ask you this: If you died right this exact second…taking your entire life as an equation of good, bad, stupid, wonderful, lucky, strange and unexplainable experiences does the answer on the other side of the equal sign (assuming there are only two possibly answers) say happy or unhappy? I started looking at life this way in my early 20’s. That single, solitary system of viewing my life and the world around me has lead to 99% of the time having the answer be: Happy!

2) The Team – I recently read about a dude who lives in a cave; gave up the material world. Another book (biography) I read of the ilk was The Last American Man about the life of a guy who literally went into the woods with nothing and made a life out of it. There’s something to be learned from that and admired. But it’s not me. So I have to think about the team. Who’s beside me getting it done? Who needs my help? Who can help me? Who’s on a path parallel to my own right now? Who’s path is just crossing mine and heading in a different direction? The team will change over time but that just means we should keep tabs on the dynamics of it every day.

3) The Horizon – Life doesn’t just happen. It unfolds. In fact, being completely suprised by something in life I find to be a very rare thing. Now, for myself that probably has a lot to do with those conversations I mentioned above. I think there are many ways to foretell the future of your life and I shall cover them in the blogs of this series: Goal Visualization; Writing; Keep Tabs On Your Role Models. I firmly believe life’s unfolding is another equation:  choices+actions+passes(of opportunities; or non-action)+the influence of other people+time = what’s going to happen in your life. So break it up. What choices will you make or ponder? What will you chose to do? What will you not do, be that on purpose or by missing the opportunity? Who will come into your life and how will you bring them in, treat them and what do you have to offer them or them offer you? Whatever comes of those answers is most likely where your life is headed.

4) Questions – In Gary Null’s Guide to a Joyful, Healthy Life (another life changing read), he started the book with an interesting idea of asking the universe your questions. It stuck with me. Have you ever pondered some situation that seemed to not have an answer and then gone to bed only to discover the next morning you had the answer? Or wondered how the hell you were going to get through a tough situation and later that day you’re offered a possible solution from a source you’d not expect? I firmly believe that if you ask the universe your questions (some people would call it prayer) that the answers will come quite quickly. Want a faster answer, find a better way to ask: write it down. Give it a try in a trying time. After you realize the results of such an action imagine then what would happen if you put the energy of unanswered questions out there each day! Just know that “why is this happening to me?” may not be specific enough of a question. Asking vague questions leads to receiving vague answers.

Gone too esoteric on you? I get that. You gotta be in the right mood to be able to ponder if the above suggestions can work for you as they have for me. But if the happiness equation ain’t equating to the answer you want, it’s time for some introspection!

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