Life Altering Wisdom – Part 1

I may have just stumbled across what will become the motto of my life…

I’ve just begun the journey of watching one of coach Dan John’s seminar DVD’s. I say begun because I got about 20 minutes into the above DVD and ran across a phrase that hit me like a sledgehammer. The rest of the night was a mind-flurry blur that kept me up till 3am.


What’s somewhat disturbing is that I’ve read a good dozen of Dan’s articles on T-Nation and other places and I’ve even run across this way of thinking before. Why it stuck last night, I have no idea.

Maybe, like many things in life, it’s not about what we learn…but rather when we learn it.

I’m just primed to receive the wisdom right now.

In the seminar DVD he makes a statement about fish oil, “it’s important; how often are we supposed to take it?” he asked the crowd. “Every day,” was the response. Dan makes the correlation between knowing we are to drink lots of water, get sleep and do no-brainer stuff every day but that we forget to apply it to the fitness side of things. I took it further and applied it as a motto to EVERY single aspect of my life. So here’s a list, one I shall tackle one subject at a time; one for every day; in completely random order.


The following list is compromised of aspects of my life I feel fall naturally into the above wisdom. Some are universal to everyone, some not so much. Perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two along the way.

1. Drink lots of water

2. Cook/prepare food

3. Read for enjoyment

4. Read for education

5. Sleep/sleep quality

6. Hygiene/appearance/body maintenance

7. Exercise

8. Business

9. To-do lists

10. Goal visualization

11. Introversion/introspection

12. Writing

13. Vitamins/dietary supplements

14. Family/friends

15. Give

16. Receive

17. “Don’t forget the girl”

18. Self myofascial release (coming this week is the motherload of SMR information; part 2 to

19. Goodnights/giving thanks

20. Taking risks

21. Keep tabs on your role models

22. Outperform yourself

23. Flush the toilet

24. Listen, really listen

25. Buy your intentions

So there you have it. For the next 25 days you’re going to get a blog a day (or more as I have other subjects I intended to cover anyway).

If it hits you too:

Let it sink in:

“If something is important, do it every day.”

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  1. I like your topic, have you considered adding and RSS feed feature? That will allow me to get automatic notifications of new comments. If you set up updates via RSS, please email me! I will bookmark your post for now. Again Excellent layout!

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