The Honeymoon Is Over

It’s all coming crashing down…

What the hell happened? Everything was clicking; everything was working; everything was awesome!

You were riding the wind and it was sweet!

Sure some life stuff came up. Sure you’ve not been sleeping enough. Sure you could have done without that piece (or 2) of chocolate cake last week. But it’s not that. It was a fantastic feeling that’s now been replaced with this cycle of beating yourself up and this:

To be honest I don’t have an answer as to why it’s gone. If I tried talking out of my ass like some expert it would all be speculation at best.

Maybe there were warning flags. And maybe I’ll put some thought into it in the future and blog about that topic.

Listen closely, I’m going to bullet point this to make it very clear:

  1. You need to get back on the horse as soon as possible after you recognize that beast tossed you off.
  2. Getting up and going in just any ol’ direction is the worst mistake to make. Just as much as sitting around pondering how you ended up here or beating yourself up endlessly and somehow concluding you’re a quitter, a loser or any other such nonsense.
  3. You need movement, you need it quickly but you need the right movement!
  4. More failure will just leave you spinning your wheels. Reread #3
  5. Consider that you may have come to a fork in the road and that it’s time for a deviation from what was working in the past. Like what happened to me
  6. The first step is to pick the easiest thing to do today (or latest tomorrow!) that is a guaranteed win, success and obviously a positive. You have to understand that what’s happened was that you started out slowly, worked hard, the snowball of success started picking up speed as you were cruising downhill and then BANG you hit a valley.   
  7. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. How fast you get back up and make the smart play, the guaranteed, easy success after easy success, until some speed collects and you can then start making big strides, taking more risks and the momentum of success arises again.
  8. A small stumble is really a forced opportunity to re-evaluate your goals, your successes, discard the things/people who were collecting and getting in the way anyway and move on. All of a sudden you find yourself at the top of a hill again…a tiny snowball in your hand…

Today, right now, make that one step of guaranteed success.

Tomorrow you’ll make another and soon enough you’ll be right back in that sweet little groove.

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