You’re Not Doing What Worked, You’re Not Doing What You Were Told, You’re Not Eliminating What’s Messing It All Up – New Series

I’ve got a laundry list of blog topics that I want to cover and as the discussions keep going strong week in and week out I just keep adding to the list. But I’m sure that this point you can tell when I get into something – I GET INTO IT.

You have to understand that in my unique job I get to hear some things over and over. I probably would have jumped off a bridge if I did become a psychologist like I wanted to back in high school. But discussing issues personal to my clients is commonplace and to be completely honest, I never get tired of it. I’ve said this about my job (man, I should blog about the life of a personal trainer as a series – add to list): no matter how grumpy, tired, upset or unmotivated a client may be when they walk in, they’re here and it’s always a positive step that they are. Everything about my job therefore is a positive. I couldn’t say the same thing about my previous life of pushing paper and working for the “man.” I feel very blessed about that.

One caveat: If you keep whining to me about the same thing over and over without taking the advice I’ve given you a half-dozen times already…we are eventually going to come to a point where my quiet, calm voice gets dead-serious and sternly issues cold, hard, factual “statements”!

You know what they say:


One more thing, trust me when I say this, as I use this blog to rant and provide information I’m never pointing fingers. Seriously. But a dozen times these past two months people have come to me hesitantly asking about a certain topic or video or email I’ve put out there and they somehow think I’m directly speaking about them.

So I ask you this: 

Is what I’m saying speaking to you? If so, maybe it’s time to listen.

So begins a new series that I will frequent and will cover a wide variety of subjects:

You’re Not Doing What Worked.

You’re Not Doing What You Were Told. 

You’re Not Eliminating What’s Messing It All Up.

To show I’m not pointing fingers the first couple entries in this series are going to be talking about myself. Maybe we’re in the same boat on a few subjects.

I’m Not Doing What Worked

Ever notice that when you put something out into the world (you write it, Facebook it, say it to a friend) it just happens to come to a reality in freakish speed? I think we sorta know what’s coming even if we blindly walk into it.

A couple of months back I told a buddy (on Facebook) that I’m sure the time would come when I would need a break from the style of training I was doing: HP Mass and I had it in my mind that “one day” I would flip back to another very effective style of training that worked incredibly well for me: Max-OT. The main difference between the two (as both prescribe low reps, heavy weight) is pure volume. Some of my HP Mass workouts I’d extend out for 2-2.5hours because I was feeling beastmode and I was feeling I had that in me.

With this stupid, supposed minor car accident I had two months ago my neck has been giving me some serious grief that just isn’t subsiding like I’d hoped. I’m getting work done on it frequently and slowly it’s getting there but…I need to ease off. By that I simply need uber high intensity for very short periods of time versus 500 rep workouts. Max-OT is the number 1 candidate for my needs.

So hear me on this: HP Mass was by far the most effective (and fun) program I’ve ever used. It worked well for me. It hasn’t lost its effectiveness, my situation has changed for me to soak the rewards of that type of work.

I know it works and I’ll come back to it when the time is right. But to keep going on the path that works for me and gets me where I’m trying to go…you gotta know when to switch

And I’ll tell you something…I’m excited again to dig out those Max-OT DVD’s and watch them this weekend. To pour through the AST site again. To go through old training logs and see the PR’s I was setting 4 years ago when I was using this style of program.

I’m excited…

Maybe you need a switch to excite you again…

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