You Don’t Really Know Yourself

Most people don’t know a lot about me as a person outside the gym. My job is incredibly personal and I tend to be on the up and up about other’s lives. That doesn’t really mean I know you as a person. Next to no one knows I’m a poet. It just doesn’t come up. I don’t hide it, but it doesn’t come up. Even though I have probably written over 1000 poems with a couple having been published.

The point being there is a difference between knowing someone’s day-to-day activities, life schedule and such vs. truly knowing a person.

There is also a very big difference between living in your body and knowing your body. Everyone lives inside there body with some degree of disconnect. Everyone, including myself!

Was reminded the past two days of this in conversations and training sessions. A good buddy put it best: “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” Simple right? But you have no idea the implication, context, seriousness and truth of that statement.

I’m even more convinced after the past two days that absolutely everyone should have a professional give you the once over. Everyone should experience the service of a personal trainer (worth a damn) who can visually assess, correct, cue, explain and guide you to better and stronger movement patterns. Until you’ve experienced that you’re never going to understand what I mean. You have to blindly trust me here.

I also think we should all have a physiotherapist, chiropractor/ART specialist or kinesiologist assess you for faulty movement patterns and especially improper muscle mechanics, imbalances, tension, trigger points, injury potentiators, etc. Even if you’re not “broken.” Do it before you have an injury and end up temporarily broken. Become resilient to injury!

I understand that can be intimidating. And yes, it’s going to cost you a couple hundred dollars. You’re having someone intensely staring at you, perhaps even poking and prodding to get you to do something with proper activation, but I challenge you this: go workout with a friend, ask them to intently watch you exercise (I don’t care what exercise) and ask them this simple question:

“Will you please watch my form and think of anything I can do to improve it?”

Even the untrained eye knows that this looks horrid and wrong:

You may not know that this is perfect, but it looks “right enough” to not be able to find something really bad:

I dare you this question: do you know, in every exercise that you do, how you would look in someone else’s eyes? Especially someone who knew what they were looking for?

Exercise and human movement is not about being perfect. Being too perfectionist and “heady” about what you do will, in fact, ruin performance. But you can be better. You can learn to do things more challenging and complicated that require greater coordination and balance. You can learn how to make movement and life hurt less. You should learn…

I maintain that my job, quite simply is not to make you look like a greek god or goddess, but to TEACH YOU ENOUGH ABOUT YOU so that you can better accomplish your goals; whatever they may be.

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