The Voice

I can’t explain it. I’m usually pretty good with words.
Before committing me to a padded room, hear me out.

The gym was empty this morning after training my 6am client. I opened up my appointment book and I had two 90 minute slots in my day: 7:30am or 8:15pm. I wasn’t feeling perky enough to get cozy with the 10 sets of 1 arm dumbbell snatch, 5 sets of bench press and 5 sets of dumbbell decline press today’s workout was calling for.
But, screw it. I can’t imagine me having more energy 12 hours later.

It went okay until I neared the end of my workout and it was time to put 80lb dumbbells over my head. I got 2 reps into 3 and I heard two voices:

“Holy shit dude! This is f**king heavy, just put it down; I’m tired; I can’t do this”

And (in an unusually calm, confident voice):

“You got this.”

I’ve been training alone a bit more than usual. I’m no stranger to the back chatter that comes when things get heavy, tough; that terrible burning bone deep…

But I promise you this:
Calm down at the peak of the stress, trust, and listen intently past that voice saying “I can’t” as there is a wiser, better person behind all that which knows “I can!”

And I did. Will you?


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