The Magic Formula!

I wrote this email April 7th, 2011. It needs to be reiterated and for my new clients who’ve not had the chance to read it, this is an important concept to take hold of.


Every once in a while I’ll look at my horoscope. I’ll get a tarot card reading done every few years for fun. Lottery ticket…you bet when it’s 50 million and 20+ chances of 1 million on top of that.

In life I believe there are patterns, habits and luck.

Patterns are things you notice as being common. Like how when you wake up on an overcast day outside and feel uber tired, then you get to work and everyone is complaining about being tired.

I find this time of year is huge for patterns so I’m going to be pumping out emails about some important ones you should be paying attention to.

Today’s lesson:

“I’m working out, I’m being pretty good with my diet BUT I don’t know if I’m seeing progress”


“I think I see a little results BUUUUUT…(the returns are not as much as the effort being put in)”

Sound familiar?

I have this fantastic client, she’s over 50, she’s not got a ton of muscle mass, she works out, eats well and leads an active life. A couple years ago she came to me with some big weight loss/get back into shape goals. She achieved a solid 20lb fat loss over the 6 months we went straight (not to mention the performance increases), then she went on her own coming back for programs regularly. But it is a struggle for her to make progress. She’s fighting for every inch of progress at this point. She’s looking to burn off those last 5-7lbs of body fat.

What we learned along the way is she needed a FORMULA!

How many times per week must she lift weights; how many times a week must she perform cardio; how often should she perform a 16-24hour fast; and what food habits must she fight every day to = change.

I mean the change you visibly see in the mirror, and 4 weeks later your friends and family are making regular comments about? Because, let’s get real, if you can’t see the first changes in 2-3 weeks (no matter how small) – THEY’RE NOT HAPPENING.

Some people like to use a weekly checklist. Their goal is 2 weight training sessions each week, 2 cardio sessions, my Ladies Only class on Saturday mornings and they have two extra low carb days each week. Where possible this person may do yoga twice a week and go for a long walk with family on Sundays. As this person performs one of these steps they simply check it off the list for the week. The fridge is a great place for such a checklist.

That way you know where you are at all times.

Still isn’t working? Then your formula needs to be adjusted.

Working well but want faster results? What is the most doable place to insert an increase and what’s the best choice in regards to time invested vs rewards. Women get in the habit of thinking more cardio will equal more results. Sometimes it will. And most of the time it means as soon as you go back to a norm all that weight is gonna come on twice as fast as you burned it!

It’s not rocket science. It’s time, consistency and working at it every day. If you slip up, who cares, stuff happens.

It’s done, it’s over, you can’t do anything about it now.

Get back on the formula! Not next Monday, do it NOW!

So what’s your formula?

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