Effectiveness As Easy as 1, 2 OR 3?

Can you feel the buzz? This time of year we’re all doing and into something(S!). I’m a huge cycle person. I believe at certain times of year the general population is thinking (call it the collective conciousness),  doing and/or acting in similar ways. I’ve seen it a great deal in my job when more than 2 clients come in and start talking about the same things going on in their lives. Especially in terms of what they’re focusing on at the moment.

As I mentioned before, this time of year (Sept 15-Oct 15th) is the busiest time of year in regards to personal development in all ways, including health & fitness endeavors. I’d bet that it’s even busier than Jan 15-Feb 15th due to the fact we’re more likely to act now versus the lofty and short lived New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s one question you may not have considered…how many times a week is action required to to meet those goals floating around or solidified on paper that are circling your mind?

In doing a half dozen personal training consultations the past three weeks this question is one I’m figuring is also on your mind.

Here’s 2 numbers I’m telling you from experience that matter:

3 months

The time it takes someone to make a real change in their lifestyle. That can be from a complete couch potato to a regular fitness enthusiast or even from an athlete to competing althlete. 3 months is the length of time before you see the fruits of your labour. It’s when your friends, family and teammates are going to stop you dead cold in your strut and say “what the hell have you been doing? You {look}{perform}{move}{act} so {much better}{different}{stronger}{leaner}!” Insert words as you see fit but trust me, 3 months is the time it takes.

Once I’ve had that conversation about 3 months being the time a person must commit themselves to, the next topic on the chopping block is how many times a week I feel someone should exercise per week to reach those goals.

5000 training sessions have taught me a few things. So here’s my professional opinion:

3 x per week = 100% more results than 1 x per week & 50% more than 2 x per week

2 x per week = 50% more results than 1 x per week

1 x per week = 100% more results than zero x per week

The average amount of times I see a client is 2 sessions per week. Sometimes for ladies that means I see them once a week one-on-one and then once at my Ladies Only: Shape & Conditioning Classes on Saturday mornings. For most guys it’s simply two one-on-one sessions.

Whether I see you one-on-one, in a class or you are following a program I’ve written for you that you’re going beastmode on at your own gym: you’re going to find the above numbers are as solid as stone.

Commit yourself to 3 months to reach the first phase of your 12 month goal (topic coming in a future blog post)! Decide how fast you want to get there. Decide what sort of assistance you need in that first 3 months (do you need me, your training partner or some other appointment type commitment) 1, 2 or every time you get out to workout.

Schedule those workouts! Reap the rewards!

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2 comments on “Effectiveness As Easy as 1, 2 OR 3?

  1. Best part of your website is definitely the blogs and videos. You’re doing a great job on the site 8)

    • Adrian Crowe says:

      Thanks buddy! Having fun with the blog and have a dozen more topics on the “to do” list. If there’s any subject someone wants covered, seriously just let me know. I’ve got no shame, I’m game for anything.

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