Ladies First!

Hello Everyone (especially the ladies!),

I meant to get this email out earlier but 1) I just hate spamming people’s inbox’s with more than an email a day and 2) doing another 6am-9pm sorta of day just has a way of eating up your time. But I’m feeling frisky so I’m going to throw out yet another 2 wicked specials:

Ladies Only: Shape & Conditioning Class

Where: Suitela Fight Club

Time: Every Saturday: 8:15-9:30am (before the club opens so it’s only the ladies in the house)

What: A challenging, unique workout designed to target all those spots I hear women constantly tell me they need to improve: posture, tummy/core, butt, legs & arms! In fact, you’ll probably wake the next day and the next after that realizing yep, you DEFINITELY worked those areas!

Who: Probably not the best idea to go from a couch potato and jump into my class. Being active at least is a start. We have a very wide age range (20-57) and all shapes, sizes, and conditioning levels, even some ladies with special situations like minor injuries that need working around. Don’t be too worried or scared, I promise I’m not the drill sergeant type and I do my very best to help you go at the pace that you can handle. We will push you, but only to your limit. Everyone has to start somewhere! And that little idea you have of getting fit first or losing 10lbs before taking on my class is silly. If you said that 2 months ago and I still haven’t seen you…you need to just show up and get started!

Special 1: With October having 5 Saturdays and me having the time to focus on promoting this class more: All first-time drop-ins that come out to try the class during October do so on my dime, NO COST (saves you $15 drop in fee).


Special 2: Drag your friend, sister, co-worker or even your mom out and not only do they get their first time free, YOUR CLASS IS ON THE HOUSE TOO! That’s a potential 5 full Saturday classes for FREE! ($50-75 value!!)

Trust me, you need a kick in the rear.
And I guarantee, you come out to my class that early on a Saturday and you’ll have uber confidence and a cheerful energy that will carry you through a very productive day. It beats sleeping in and feeling groggy and gross all Saturday!

I’ll try to get some video over the next few Saturdays so everyone can see just how hard we work! For those that don’t know already, go over to to get an idea of the intensity I enjoy and enjoy teaching during my
one-on-one sessions. Classes are very different but the point is, we work hard!

See you on Saturday!


for the guys who’ve read this far, if your gal has been whining about the extra junk in her trunk lately, shake her outta bed and get her to the class!

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